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Looking for what’s buzzing in Singapore and Asia? You’ve come to the right place.

GrateNews is where you can find out about Singapore and Asia’s pop culture, best places to dine, latest styles and what’s next in this part of the world.

GrateNews is run by a team of writers who are passionate about living life to the fullest. We go in search of the best food, engage in entertainment that excites us and explore styles that intrigue us. Being quirks ourselves, we keep an eye out for something out of the ordinary. When we’ve found something that fits the description above, we share it on GrateNews.

Our sharing translates to stories that are sometimes funny, inspiring, appetising, significant, even shocking – just never ho-hum. But while we try to present our stories in a way that would pique your interest, we prefer not to sensationalise or publish link-baits. Our mission is to make our content as exciting as what our headlines set out to be.

If you like something you read on our site, pass on the great news!

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