10 don’ts Vivian Hsu strictly follows during her pregnancy

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A pregnant Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) recently shared on FaceBook that she used to knock back a drink or two with her husband during celebrations or special occasions. But not anymore. The soon-to-be mother now follows these 10 don’ts to a tee.

Vivian Hsu 10 don’ts:

  1. No alcoholic drinks
  2. No hot water baths
  3. No soaking in the bath tub
  4. No late nights. Instead she sleeps early and wakes up early
  5. No massages
  6. No exercise
  7. No high heels
  8. No raw or spicy food and shellfish
  9. No ice-cream
  10. No coffee

The list might prove to be daunting for most, but Hsu doesn’t think the prohibitions are a chore. “Everything feels so natural and I adhere to these restrictions willingly” she said.

The angelic looking Vivian who just turned 40 this year also posted a picture of herself with her husband Lee (李雲峰) taken at their winter vacation late last year. The lovey-dovey couple were wearing furry ear mufflers for the affectionate shot.

Vivan Hsu and husband
Vivan Hsu and husband (Photo source: facebook.com/vivianhau319)