7 things you may not know about Myolie Wu’s (胡杏儿) wedding

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Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) has confirmed that marriage is indeed on the cards. The Hong Kong actress made an official announcement of her engagement to fiance Philip Lee, as well as confirmed her wedding plans at an event she recently attended. Here are 7 things about Myolie Wu’s wedding we found out so far.

1. The big day

First of all, there has been quite a number of speculations about when the actress will be tying the knot. Latest media reports confirm that it will be on 28 December this year.

2. Speedy courtship

Myolie wu

Myolie and Philip were dating for almost a year before they decided to get married. On the speedy courtship, Myolie said they both know what they want and they’re not young anymore.

3. The ‘romantic’ proposal

Myolie’s fiance proposed to her by putting her wedding ring in a rice cooker, which had some rice in it. She admitted it was a hint that she should cook for him after they got married. Sounds romantic to you?

4. The honeymoon

The couple are planning to go to Europe for their honeymoon for a two whole 2 months! Now, that sounds romantic to us.

5. Myolie’s Ex-files

bosco wong

The actress said she would be inviting her ex boyfriend Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) to her big day celebrations, adding Bosco and her are friends.

6. Do the couple want kids?

Apparently, the actress said husband Philip Lee wanted triplets. Looks like the couple will have to work hard on their plans.

7. Will her ex-TVB bosses be invited her wedding?

On the sensitive question of whether she would be inviting the senior management from TVB to her wedding, Myolie said yes. She told on.cc, “I understand they may have certain policies to observe but I’ll still invite them.”

According to AhMike, the couple’s wedding is likely to be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and would be grazed by around 500 invited guests or 50 tables.




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