Aaron Kwok shows off rippling age-defying abs at World Tour

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Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour 2015

Aaron Kwok, who recently concluded the Malaysia stop of his ‘Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour’ showed that age has not caught up with him at all. His age-defying six-pecs were shown to a packed concert hall, setting off ecstatic screams from die-hard fans.

His manager Mei (小美) also posted pictures of his concert on social media Weibo, drawing the envy of overseas fans who couldn’t be at the concert.

The ‘Heavenly King’ from Hong Kong, known for his nifty dance moves and well-toned body also wowed the audience with his stamina and multiple costume ensemble. Aaron who was drenched in sweat during the concert said that performing in Arena of Stars, Genting was a huge challenge for him due to the higher altitude.

In a press conference for his world tour earlier, Aaron shared that he had plans to release a new single this year to mark the 25th anniversary of his music career. The multiple Golden Horse Award winner who spends most of his time prepping for concerts and acting hoped that he can be more involved in the creation of this song. The charismatic singer who shot to fame with his famous song ‘Loving You Forever’ (對你愛不完) will also be turning 50 later this year.