OMG! Is that Donnie Yen singing?

Fans of Donnie Yen (甄子丹) — be prepared to be swept off your feet in a whole new way. We all know that the kung-fu superstar is adept at martial arts but did you know that Yen also has some pretty groovy dance moves and a good singing voice to boot?

Starring in an upcoming 2015 Chinese New Year movie ‘An Inspector Calls’ (神探驾到), Yen will be playing four roles in the movie. Sporting slick, backcombed hair and a bright red blazer quite unlike any of his typical movie ensembles, Yen (x 4) can be seen hitting all the high notes as he belts out the English classic ‘Sherry’, while jiving along with other band members (also played by Yen. Although many Chinese media are all praise for his dance moves, we thought Yen was merely swaying to the rhythm. Surely, this modern day Ip Man can do better. We were, however, surprised by his singing ability. Not only did Yen sing at a high octave, he also scored at the 3-part harmony. Here’s a video of him singing and dancing. Knock yourselves out!

Yen reportedly took only a week to rehearse the song and dance, including audio recording. According to Sina, Yen had initially turned down the offer to star in the movie as he was busy filming Ip Man 3, but the actor eventually said yes when director Wong Bak Ming (黄百鸣) personally invited him.

An Inspector Calls will be opening in cinemas on 5 March. It also stars Louis Koo, Eric Tsang and Teresa Mo.