Archie Vs Predator, yep, it’s real

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Archie Meets Predator

The space alien hunter with the mask and rasta dreadlocks that petrified Arnold Schwarzenegger in a jungle is coming to… Riverdale? Apparently yes, as announced at the New York Comic Con. In a bizarre collaboration between Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics, the Predator is starring in a special Archie Comics mini-series next Spring. And from the plot summary that writer Alex De Campi gave USA Today, the plot is just completely off the rails.

The beach vacation comes unexpectedly after Jughead wins a prize from a lucky bag of chips, and Betty and Veronica make the most of the sunny weather by competing in a “best-dressed” contest.

“After Betty is revealed to be borrowing Cheryl Blossom’s clothes to compete, she and Veronica have a fight and she tearfully runs off into the jungle where, let’s say, she isn’t alone,” de Campi says.

Everybody does end up back in Riverdale, she adds, “as do those big trunks of clothes that Veronica brought. Trunks so big, you could hide a Predator in them. Her Vuitton will never quite smell the same again.”

To Catch A Predator...
To Catch A Predator…

We’re extremely happy that after previous adventures with The Punisher and hard rockers KISS, Archie Comics is still continuing its tradition of completely random team ups. We have so many questions. Will there be choppers to get to? Will Archie dip himself in mud and let out a ferocious guttural scream? Will Archie call the predator “an ugly mother******”? So many questions to be answered. Guess, we’ll only find out next Spring.