What have the Backstreet Boys been up to in recent years?

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Backstreet's back (photo: Google Images)

Whether you admit it or not, the Backstreet Boys (Backstreet Men seems more appropriate) was a big part of a lot of our teenage years from the late 90s to the early 2000s. As their stars dipped in the mid-2000s, they also fell off the radar as many of the said teens grew up and moved on.

But since our sense of nostalgia is currently tingling from the announcement of their upcoming performance in Singapore, we’ve put together some major highlights on what the boys were up to over the last decade or so.

They sued their manager

To cut a long story short, the group sued Lou Pearlman, the man who created them, for misappropriation of revenue that they rightly deserved. What’s pretty sad here is that the group genuinely looked up to Pearlman as a father figure through their successful years.

According to Vanity Fair, the group was said to have received barely US$12,000 per member each year during the height of their fame and getting sell-out concerts all around the world.

Kevin left the group

Citing the need to move on from the Backstreet Boys to pursue other interests, the granddaddy of the group decided to call it quits with the Backstreet Boys in 2006. However, in the following years, he joined his former group on stage to perform a few songs.

It was said that the band never really had the ideal chemistry as a quartet, without Kevin’s presence.

A.J. went back to rehab

His struggles with drug and alcohol addiction over the years had been well-documented, so this may not seem like big news. However, he also got married later that same year to Rochelle Deanna Karadis, who he says played a big part in helping him overcome his addictions.

Went on tour with New Kids on the Block

Two legendary boybands going on tour together, that’s got to be a wet dream for most fans. Check out their epic mash up performance at the American Music Awards in 2010:

The return of Kevin

You got the sense, from Kevin’s occasional guest appearances with the band on stage, that the separation wouldn’t have lasted, and it didn’t. Six years after his initial departure from the band, Kevin officially announced his return to the Backstreet Boys. And then they were complete again.

Brian’s vocal problems

He was recently diagnosed with vocal tension dysphonia, which meant that his vocal chords were constricted by their surrounding muscles. Because of this, Brian actually had great difficulty talking, let alone singing.

Fortunately, it’s all better for Brian now and he’s observing a more disciplined lifestyle to help keep his condition in check.

Filmed a documentary

In conjunction with their 20th anniversary, “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” explores the boyband’s origins, as well as their route to world domination between the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Coming to Singapore

Their tickets sold out pretty quickly on Sistic just after it was released – a sign of their everlasting popularity. Heck, someone is even selling a pair of $98 tickets for $1,000 on Carousell.