‘Blue Veins’ crew spooked by supernatural events at TVB studio

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A series of spooky happenings has been taking place since the filming of Hong Kong vampire drama Blue Veins (殭), which started in January, sparking rumours that the TVB studio could be haunted.

According to Oriental Daily, the latest string of events took place on the night of 28 March during the filming of a fighting scene. For no apparent reason, the boxing scene had an usually high number of outtakes or ‘NG’. Shortly after, a bout of soft but audible cries could be heard in the background by the crew. The eerie cries were said to have continued on for sometime.

Despite the strange occurrences, the actors and crew kept their wits together and continued with the filming. But the ‘hauntings’ did not stop there. The next day, blood stains were discovered in the male toilet.

Perhaps to appease the crew, cast member Luk Wing (陸永) said he had also heard similar cries in the past. However, Luk shrugged it off by joking that the sounds could have come from comedy star Wong Yau Nam’s (黃又南) snoring, or even his own snoring that night.

As for the bloodstains, Luk said it could have been fake blood left behind by other actors.

While no one could be certain whether the bloodstains were indeed fake blood used by another actor, the crew members said that it was unlikely as the stains did not look like fake blood at all. Besides the crew deduced that none of the actors who used fake blood for the filming had used the male toilet the night before.

Chan (right) said she did not notice anything abnormal. image source: on.cc
Anjaylia Chan (right) said she did not notice anything abnormal. image source: on.cc

Actress Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) who was also present at the filming that night said she did not notice that anything was amiss, adding that frequent NGs for action scenes are common, as the director strives to get the best effects of the scene. She also concurred that the bloodstains could simply be fake blood left behind by another actor.

So, there’s really no answer as to whether the strange occurrences were just plain coincidence or indeed due to supernatural forces. But as fans of TVB dramas and horror plots, we can’t wait for Blue Veins to be released. And the spookier, the better!

The cast of Blue Veins include Kevin Cheng, singer Kay Tse, Wong Yau Nam, Luk Wing and Anjaylia Chan.

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