Catch Psy’s new crazy video ‘Daddy’ here

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Almost four years after the release of his music video ‘Gangnam Style’, South Korean singer Psy still manages to surprise us with his video. This time, it’s the brand new ‘Daddy’.

The video opens with Psy’s face superimposed onto a baby (yes, it’s pretty strange) and later onto that of a school boy who gets flirty with his female classmate and teacher. Between a series of co-ordinated dance moves and guest performance by CL of girl group 2NE1, Psy also appears in the video as four different characters including a cheeky old man and dad.

Given that it’s Psy, you can definitely expect some bizarre dance moves. What surprises us is how flexible Psy is – check out his split leap at around the 55 second mark—that is if you can get over his ridiculous salsa dancer get up in the scene.

It’s still too soon to tell whether Psy’s new failing-arms dance move in ‘Daddy’ will have the same viral effect as the ‘Gangnam Style’ gallop but the ‘Daddy’ has already garnered 12 Million views on Youtube since it was posted 2 days ago.