China Super Vocal 2016 (中国好声音) Singapore Audition: Great singers are among us

The Voice of China is now China Super Vocal 2016

Whoever says there’s a lack of musical talent in Singapore should tune in to the Singapore audition of China Super Vocal 2016. Back for its second round on Saturday, 9 April at The Beacon,  the Singapore audition proves that years of karaoke singing in Singapore has brought out some really strong performers among us.

First the logistics. Compared to round 1 of the China Super Vocal 2016 Singapore audition, the contestants were looking a lot more at ease with the venue. Thanks to the heavy rain before the audition commenced on the day, the weather was much cooler compared to last week’s audition, where the temperature was hovering at 35 degree celsius. What a relief for this week’s contestants.

The overall set up this week also looked more presentable with the more photogenic stage backdrop. Operations wise, the second audition seemed to have gone more smoothly compared to week before — kudos to the organisers.

In this week’s audition, we saw some great performers and talented song writers take the stage. One of them included Olinda Cho who took part in the Singapore Idols previously. Did she make it to the semi-finals in the Singapore lap of the China Super Vocal 2016 singing competition? Read about her performance, as well as some of those contestants who impressed the judges this week here. We can’t wait to see them in the semi-final round of the competition.

Contestant 28, Sunday Morning

Singing a jazz song, this fedora-donning contestant was a breath of fresh air compared to the other ballad-crooning contestants. Extra points go to him for making the effort to dress like a jazz singer too. While we enjoyed his performance, we thought his stage presence needed work — he had the same hand gestures throughout.

Contestant 32, Gary Chao Ge’s 3-7-21

Contestant 32 chose Gary Chao Ge’s 3-7-21, a difficult song to sing, especially without any background music. However, she didn’t disappoint with her good groove and rhythm. The judges must have seen the potential in her as she was through to the semi-finals.

Contestant 33, 洋葱

Contestant 33 was a comeback singer who didn’t make it in round 1 of the audition. Although her voice quality was good, we felt she had exerted too much force in her singing, making it a little stressful to hear her sing. However, the judges thought she picked a song that allowed her to showcase her voice in a good way and let her through to the next round.

Contestant 39, 我要快乐

Singing Ah Mei’s 我要快乐, contestant 39 was off to a pretty good start. However, she stopped singing abruptly just before the chorus upon realising that she had latched onto an overly high register. Apologising for the mishap, she continued singing the chorus at a lower pitch. Luckily for her, the judges picked her for the semi-finals. Organiser of the Singapore audition, Eeva Chang didn’t seem pleased with her performance, adding she should have persisted with the note she started with. She also commented that the judges let her off easy. What a lucky escape!

Contestant 40, 爱我别走

One of the judges commented that contestant 40 looked familiar — that’s because she was none other than Olinda Cho, a season 1 finalist of the Singapore Idol contest. She wasn’t picked to advance to the next round by the judging panel initially but lucky for her, Eeva Chang stepped in with her ‘advancement card’. One of the judges advised Cho to work on her diction, adding her “爱我别走” (ai wo bei zhuo) sounded like “害我别走” (hai wo bie zhou).

olinda cho - super china vocal 2016
Ohlinda Cho, season 1 finalist of Singapore Idol

Contestant 41, 想太多

We were hooked onto contestant 41’s hypnotic voice from the start. Apart from his soothing tone, the contestant had a relaxed stye of singing without sounding like he was trying too hard. The judges must have felt the same way as the presenter commented that he should have continued singing until the judges told him to stop.

Contestant 54, 未知数

Brining along her guitarist, contestant 54 seemed to have won half the battle from the start as she chose to sing a song she wrote herself — something the judges encourage. Good thing she had a beautiful voice to boot. The contestant was picked for the semi-finals. Indeed, one of the judges encouraged her to write more songs and learn to play the guitar well, in case she didn’t have someone to play the guitar for her.

To watch the full audition, download the app on your iOS or Android device and search for 中国好声音. The next round of the audition will be held at JCube on 16 April.