Contestants turn up for China Super Vocal 2016 (中国好声音) Singapore audition in the blazing heat

china super vocal 2016 singapore audition

The first round of the Singapore auditions for China Super Vocal 2016 kicked off on 2 April at the open area outside Plaza Singapura. Despite the sweltering heat of 35 degree celsius that day, aspiring singers turned up in droves — some even donning sweaters.

The heat was not the only adversity the contestants had to deal with, they also had to perform on stage without the help of any background music. No mean feat considering how nerve-wrecking it was to perform in front of an audience.

For the uninitiated, The fifth season of “The Voice of China” was recently rebranded as “China Super Vocal” due to legal dispute over the naming copyrights. The Chinese name for the singing competition remains as ‘中国好声音’ (Zhong Guo Hao Sheng Ying). Read more about it here.

To get through round 1 of the Singapore audition of China Super Vocal, contestants have to receive votes from all 3 judges at the audition. However, organiser and veteran radio DJ of 88.3, Eeva Chang could also exercise her “advancement pass” (直通卡) to push a contestant to the next round if she felt that he or she had the potential. The judges at the audition shared that they were looking for contestants who possess the ‘Singapore voice’, creativity as well as those capable of making the song their own. Of course, nerves can jeopardise one’s chances of succeeding, this explains why Chang kept reminding the contestants to stay calm and seize the opportunity to showcase their vocal prowess at the audition.

china super vocal singapore audition

If you didn’t make it to the audition, here’s a peek at some of the performances that day. You can also tune in to the app on your iOs or Android device to watch a replay of the live stream.

Contestant 001, 修炼爱情

Singing 修炼爱情 by local artiste JJ Lin, the first contestant seemed rather calm on the whole. His delivery was smooth and he sang with emotions, despite revealing during a pre-audition interview that he had never dated before. However, he didn’t make it through to the next round.

Contestant 003, 你把我灌醉

Contestant 003 was the first to get through the audition. Singing 你把我灌醉, the confidence in his delivery was probably what won over the judges. It also helped that he took some initiative to change the arrangement of the song slightly.

Contestant 004, Self-written song

Unlike most singers, contestant 004 surprised the audience by singing a song he wrote himself. He also played the guitar, which probably helped him score some brownie points and advance to the next round. One of the judges commented that they would like to see more contestants showcase their song writing or composing talent.

Contestant  007, JJ Lin – 她说

Contestant 007 was the first lady in the audition to advance to the next stage. Singing 她说 by JJ Lin, she initially only managed to get the votes from 2 of the judges. But seeing her potential, Chang gave her the vote of confidence by using her advancement pass to push her to the next stage. Hopefully, she will not disappoint in the next round.

Contestant 14 – 最长的电影

This female contestant started off strong. But as she approached the chorus of the song, we got worried for her — as we could feel the strain in her voice. True enough, in the chorus, her loud delivery became softer and softer till we could barely hear her. If she hadn’t started off at such an ambitious pitch, perhaps she would have stood a chance of advancing to the next round.

Contestant 16 -喜欢你

At first we thought she was singing in Thai, but after a while, we managed to make out that she was actually singing Beyond’s 喜欢你 — in Cantonese. The contestant said her mom is Chinese while her father is a foreigner — that probably explains her pronunciation. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the next round.

Contestant 25- 菊花台

Contestant 25 probably had the longest, friendliest introduction. He even told the audience that he decided to sing another song at the last minute because he knew the judges had hope to see the contestants be themselves. While he started off well, he switched register after the first few sentences to a high-pitched, feminine tune and it just went downhill from there. Kudos to him for his courage but it really didn’t work for the judges — or us for that matter.

To watch the full audition, download the app on your iOS or Android device and search for 中国好声音. The second auditions will be held at the Beacon on Saturday, 9 April, from 4-9pm. You can tune in to the live streaming of round 2 via the app.

A message to the contestants — if you took part in the first round of the audition but didn’t make it through, you can still join in the subsequent rounds. So don’t be afraid to re-try if you were not selected the first time round. After all, the road to fame never runs smooth, so don’t give up so easily!

More details on how to register for the Singapore audition here.