You’ve seen Tay Ping Hui act, now hear him sing

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Tay Ping Hui
Ping Hui's eyes doing what he does best: Bringing THE HEAT.

Tay Ping Hui has been many things over the years. Resistance fighter, gangster, cop, ah beng, cop, football player, cop, movie director, Singapore’s own Incredible Hulk… no matter the role, Tay Ping Hui always made sure to BRING THE HEAT and intensity to whatever the hell he was doing. Just look at that face. That’s a man focused on his mission right there.

About to bring the heat by explosion.
So focused on shooting someone that he’s taking cover behind gas tanks. BRINGING THE HEAT ONCE AGAIN.

Over the years, Tay Ping Hui has brought his considerable talent to the realm of singing. Why? We do not know. According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, Ping Hui was “musically gifted, sang with the school choir, played the dizi in the Chinese Orchestra and was the lead singer and guitarist of the Temasek Hall Band ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.” Well, that’s more than enough justification for an actor to make a leap to singing, I suppose. With the reasoning all checked out, let’s explore his prolific musical output.

The earliest evidence of Tay Ping Hui singing seems to be this song… the instant classic known as That’s What I Want To Do. The investigation doesn’t yield any exact dates but judging from the song and the video, it’s clear that it’s a rip off of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’ Smooth.  No offense to Ping Hui’s singing (lest he hulks up on me), this song is the epitome of the bad side of the word “earworm” and I’m terribly sorry that you’ll never be able to forget this song. You’ll probably never listen to this ever again but you’ll definitely be taking this one to the grave.

Tay Ping Hui Singing Rolling In The Deep (unembeddable, so you’ll have to take the leap of faith and watch it on some Chinese video streaming site. TPH, you may try to banish this video from YouTube… but we’ll find it. We always do.)

Wonder what Adele might be thinking...
Wonder what Adele might be thinking…

Now, even though the man continued singing some Chinese songs at events (you can find them on YouTube), we jump forward to 2012 when he performed his next English song on MediaCorp’s annual New Year’s Countdown. Perhaps inspired by Chester Bennington and Linkin Park’s renditions of Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain at music festivals over the course of that year, TPH decided to attempt this song. Bad mistake.

TPH would continue his rampage across songs by finishing with Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are. Where do I even start? His singing isn’t downright bad but the way he switches from sheer disinterest to utter joy between verses… it’s like the guy who knows he’s doing a really bad job but just does it anyway. He even forgets his lyrics and goes “blah blah blah” at the end! Bravo. You win, sir. You have merged singing and trolling together into an artform. We take our hats off to you.