Eason Chan rumoured to be guest singer on ‘I Am A Singer 3’ for RMB3M

The buzz around ‘I Am A Singer’ season 3 (我是歌手 第三季) is heating up towards the final stages of the competition, and so are the speculations. The most recent gossip we heard is that Hong Kong singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) may be appearing in the season finale as one of the guest singers.

Eason Chan who is said to be a close friend of contestant Han Hong (韩红), is reportedly invited to sing a duet with her in the final round, slated to be aired on 3 April. The Grand Final is sometimes also known as the ‘assisted guest singer’ round (帮唱嘉宾), where each of the 7 final contestants will form an allegiance with another singer outside of the competition to boost their standing. If the rumour turns out to be true, Han Hong who came in second last in the previous round, will likely get a huge boost in the fight for the top spot. We struggle to imagine how the performance will pan out, as the duo has seemingly such different singing styles. Besides, the help will not come cheap, as Eason’s appearance is said to cost RMB3M (S$660K).

There is another wave of speculations as to who the other guests singers are going to be. We hear that A-Mei Zhang Huimei (阿妹 張惠妹), Na Ying (那英) and Valen Hsu (許茹芸) are also on the cards. As for hot favourite South Korean contestant The One, he is said to have rallied for the support of boyband EXO from his homecountry. With so much excitement building up to the season finale, we can’t wait for the star-studded performance to unroll.

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