Everything you need to know about The Voice of China 4

The 4th season of The kicked off on 17 July 2015. In this season, contestants have to face Na Ying, Wang Feng, Harlem Yu as well as the newly appointed coach for a place in their teams and vie for a chance at stardom.

In Season 4, the format will follow more closely the American version of the show with only 12 members per team instead of 16 per team for the previous seasons of The Voice of China. This season will also be the first whereby a coach may be left with no representative for the finals as eliminations in the playoffs is based on the number of votes garnered in each round. Contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated regardless of which team they are in.

The Voice of China 4 will feature contestants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

Team information:

Team Harlem Yu Team Wang Feng Team Na Ying Team Jay Chou
voice-of-china-4-harlem-yu voice-of-china-4-wang-feng voice-of-china-4-na-ying voice-of-china-4-jay-chou
Duan Xinrui 段欣芮 Bei Bei 贝贝 Chenyo 晨悠 Abigail Garza 李安安
Ika Zhao 赵大格 Bek 别日克 Kiki Li 李嘉琪 Chen Zitong 陈梓童
Li Wenhui 李文慧 Huang Kai 黄恺 Ling Ling 凌菱 Gin Lee 李幸倪
Ma Yinyin 马吟吟 Huang Xiaoyun 黄霄雲 Saya Chang 张惠春 Jiang Yuandong 江源东
Rex Li 李文豪 Ku Gui 苦鬼 Shuhei Nagasawa 长宇 Leon Lee 李安
Tan Xuanyuan 谭轩辕 Lin Yan 林燕 Sun Bolun 孙伯纶 Michael Liu 柳畅源
Tong Yushuo 童予硕 Wang Feixue 王飞雪 Zhang Lei 张磊 Sharon Kwan 关诗敏
Usay Kawlu 舞思爱·羔露 Yang Baoxin 杨宝心 Zhang Nan 张楠 Will Jay 刘伟男
Wang Di 王帝 Not selected Zhu Qiang 朱强 Xu Lin 徐林
Zhang Shu 张姝 Not selected Not selected Zhan Xiaoli 詹小栎
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