Is Mandopop Queen Faye Wong making a comeback?

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Rumour has it that Faye Wong  (王菲) will be holding a world tour concert in 2016. The news came as a surprise to many as the Mandopop queen had officially declared in 2010 that she would retire from her singing career.

According to ifeng, famous lyricist Poon Yuen Leung (潘源良) hailing from Hong Kong recently let slip that Wong has been busy preparing for her upcoming concert and that she has even sealed the deal with a contract.

Faye Wong also has a new album in the works, Media Mass reported. So far, 8 new songs have been put to tape. News of her new album seems to be a heavily guarded secret.

Image source: Faye Wong Facebook page
Image source: Faye Wong Facebook page

We’re pretty sure fans of Faye Wong are in great anticipation of her comeback. Hopefully, the Mandopop queen doesn’t disappoint.