Gasp! Are those crow’s feet on Michele Reis?

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Photo credit:李嘉欣Michele

We all know the saying that ‘no one can defy old age’ — well, apparently not even former beauty queen Michele Reis (李嘉欣).

One of Michele Reis’ selfies was recently featured in a Taiwanese entertainment portal for a rather unflattering reason. Smiling blissfully in the photo, you can clearly make out the crow’s feet and eye bags around the 45-year-old’s right eye.

Looking at the image, we couldn’t tell whether the lines were simply a tell-tale sign of aging or due to a magnified effect from the wine glass in the foreground. Having said that, we think it’s kudos to the former Hong Kong actress and model for having no qualms about putting her natural face forward — wrinkles or no wrinkles. Besides we think Reis looks no less ravishing in the photo compared to her younger days.

Reis who got married to Julian Hui told the media recently that she might consider surrogacy in order to have another child — hopefully a daughter. The couple had their first child, a boy in 2011.

Recent photo of Michele Reis (Photo credit: weibo/michelereis)
Michele Reis' husband (Photo credit: weibo/michelereis)
Michele Reis’ husband (Photo credit: weibo/michelereis)



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