G.E.M. Tang labelled ‘food waster’ on The Amazing Race China

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G.E.M. Tang (邓紫棋) can’t seem to do anything right — especially in the eyes of some netizens.

The singer recently took part in the China version of The Amazing Race (极速前进) where one of the challenges required her to slide through a field in Sydney using watermelons as ‘skates’.

Image source: Ming Pao
Image source: Ming Pao

In clearing the challenge, G.E.M. appeared to be having a lot fun, laughing and playing freely like a child. This prompted some netizens to play a pun on her name, calling her “邓三岁”, to mock her for behaving like a three-year-old. The singer was also criticised for wasting food (the watermelons).

As for what G.E.M. thought of the challenges on the show, here’s what she shared: “The challenges faced by my partner Jin Chang (张芸京) and I were tougher than we imagined. Even though we’re the fairer sex, we must still do our best and persevere — even if it means falling over some 40 times during the watermelon skates round.”

Image source: Ming Pao
Image source: Ming Pao

Innocent fun or wasting food? Well, you decide. The Amazing Race China version is broadcasted on Shenzhen TV station.

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