Glen Goei’s Pontianak selected for Berlin Film Festival

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Glen Goei, one of Singapore’s foremost theatre and film directors has been nominated to go to Berlin to join the Berlinale Talent Project Market (TPM).

The Berlinale Talent Project Market (TPM), which is a collaboration between Berlinale Talents and Berlinale Co-Production Market, has chosen one of Goei’s latest film “Pontianak” to be part of the top 10 films that they have selected for their project, TodayOnline reports.

Goei, along with his producer Tan Bee Thiam will be attending The Berlin International Film Festival. It is also known as the world’s top and largest film festivals that welcomes over 8,400 producers, buyers, sales agents, exhibitors, distributors and also financiers annually.

Both Goei and Tan will also be participating in a two-day programme to enhance their knowledge and guidance from industry experts before presenting their film proposal to the co-producer and financiers of the Co-Production Market.

Goei will be expecting to face and compete against the other nine other chosen directors with their projects. Two winners will then be selected, which will be awarded with the VFF Highlight Pitch Award worth 10,000 Euros and their projects will be pitched publicly in Berlinale Co-Production Market. The second award which is the ARTE International Award is worth 6,000 Euros.