Harlem Yu to battle Jay Chou for students in Voice of China Season 4

The Voice of China 4 - Harlem Yu

A familiar face will be returning to season 4 of The Voice of China, and it’s none other than Harlem Yu (庾澄庆).

After judging and coaching the first 2 seasons of The Voice of China (中国好声音), Harlem announced that he would not be participating in Season 3 of the popular singing contest, to the disappointment of his many fans. Harlem told Taiwanese entertainment site ifeng.com that he had to drop out of season 3 because he was too caught up with preparing for his own concert. It certainly didn’t help that Harlem didn’t receive the show’s invitation on time.

Harlem will once again take his seat on the red swivel chair in the upcoming season 4, where he will be joined by Jay Chou (周杰伦). The Voice of China Season 4 is slated to start airing in July this year.

Harlem said he is looking forward to returning on the show, where he will have the opportunity to showcase more of his skills and tricks of the trade.

So far, there’s no news yet on how much Harlem will be paid for the stint. Will it be as secretive as Jay Chou’s salary?