Heart-warming moments from Jay Chou’s wedding in Taipei

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Jay Chou Taipei wedding

Shortly after Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding ceremony at Selby Abbey, UK, the newly wedded couple held a follow-up reception at W Hotel in Taipei where around 150 guests turned up. The dinner was said to be held specially for Jay’s granny (awwww…) as travelling proved too difficult for the 80-year-old. Here are some moments at the reception that will melt your heart.

1. Jay Chou’s granny was all smiles at Jay’s wedding in Taipei, specially organised for her as she could not travel to the UK for their wedding ceremony. Jay is said to be very close to grandma. Not only did he compose a song for her but they have also appeared in a commercial together.

granny 2
Image source: on.cc

2. Jay was ever so careful as they cut into their 5-tier palace-themed wedding cake. Loosen up, Jay.

jay in concentration
Image source: Jay Chou facebook

3. Ma-chi (麻吉), Jay’s pet puppy has got to the most adorable ‘pageboy’ in tux.

Image source: Jay Chou facebook
Image source: Jay Chou facebook

4. A short film played during the ceremony features the newly weds’ wedding photos, recapping some of the most beautiful and fantasy-filled moments shared together.

image source: on.cc

5. When asked what he thought of the new Mrs Jay Chou, Jay’s father (left) gave his nod of approval, adding he thought she was gentle and beautiful. Cheers to the new couple, proud Dad!

image source: ifeng
image source: ifeng



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