I Am A Singer 3: Kit Chan’s shockingly low votes exposed

I Am A Singer 3 Kit Chan

Singapore singer Kit Chan (陈洁仪) was the first contestant to be booted out of season 3 of the popular China singing competition ‘I Am A Singer’.

For many, the results did not come as a surprise, as Chan was relatively unknown in China compared to other contestants such as China’s Han Hong (韩红) or Hong Kong’s Leo Ku (古巨基). After all, the results are determined by the 500 or so audience who attended the show, based in a studio in China. However, what was shocking was how ridiculously far behind Chan’s votes were. Anyone who had taken a look the vote tally in round 1 would instantly know there was no chance the singer could have wrestled her way back.

Chan garnered a mere average of 5.36% of votes in the first 2 rounds. Her closest competitor, A-Lin achieved more than double her votes at 11.67%. At the top of the chart was Jane Zhang (张靓颖), at 21.99% of the votes, Han Hong (韩红) at 20.92% and Sun Nan (孙楠) at 14.75%.

Still, we hope Kit Chan makes it back into the revival rounds later in the show like Malaysia’s Gary Chaw (曹格) in the earlier season.  One thing we know, Kit Chan will be making a return appearance in round 3. She will be singing “Nothing Compares To You”, a 90s English hit made famous by Irish artist Sinead O’ Connor.

Source: 'I Am A Singer' Facebook page
Source: ‘I Am A Singer’ Facebook page