I Am A Singer 3 – Round 1: Does Kit Chan deserve to lose?

I Am A Singer Season 3
Kit Chan in last place after round 1 of I Am A Singer

Singapore singer Kit Chan(陈洁仪) come in last in the first round of I Am A Singer, 3 aired on 2 January, but many netizens seem to think she does not deserve to be at the bottom of the list. To gather the general sentiments of Chan’s performance in round one, we scoured user comments from sites like YouTube, China based Feng Huang Wang (凤凰网). Some of the comments seen here are translated from Chinese.

Overall, netizens were impressed with Kit Chan’s performance of Xin Dong (心动), a Chinese ballet originally sang by Taiwanese singer Shino Lin (林晓培). Netizen 渴望的力量 commented on Feng Huang that Chan’s singing was unbeatable, and that the 500 or so audience who rated the singers had ears grown on their asses.

Some netizens are crying foul, saying that the results of round one are unfair, adding it was more of a popularity contest, than a true reflection of the singers’ mettle. Netizen ‘手机用户’ commented on Feng Wang that the contest “bullied” singers who are not from China, such as Kit Chan. Netizen ‘Amazing’ concurs, commenting on youtube that “It is difficult for Kit Chan to survive any longer in this show. The audience tend to support their home grown or local talents unless you are GEM or Shila with unique vocal power.” 

However, not all are impressed with Chan’s performance. Netizens Tee Kaihong and 深海鱼 commented on YouTube that she “oversang” the song and that there were some “break points” in her performance. 

So while Kit Chan emerged last in round 1 of the competition, she’s definitely created quite a buzz for herself. Will she make a comeback in round 2 (9 January)? Well, we wish her all the best. We know her fans are rooting for her. 

What do you think of Kit Chan’s performance in round 1? Watch it for yourself and be your own judge.

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