I Am A Singer 3 – Round 5: Anson Hu eliminated, A-Lin leads the pack

A-Lin in I Am A Singer 3 Round 5

As the competition gets more intense, it also increasingly takes more to whet the audience’s appetite. In round 5 of I Am A Singer Season 3, one of our favourite singers Anson Hu was eliminated. A-Lin, who has been consistently good throughout the competition finally got recognised for her efforts and vocal prowess by coming in first (combined scores for round 4 and 5).

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 5 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Anson Hu 胡彦斌 – 味道

The first singer to perform, Anson made tweaks to all the right parts of the song. Adding his signature style to the song, the final arrangement was musically rich and fluid. Originally a song sang by a female vocalist, we were mesmerised by Anson’s soulful rendition and enjoyed every bit of the performance. We were dumbstruck by his early elimination.

Anson Hu in I Am A Singer 3 Round 5

2. Li Jian 李健 – 在水一方

Li Jian was the true dark horse in this round of the competition. A popular song sang by Teresa Tang in the 70s, Li Jian’s version was soothing and at times, makes you want to close your eyes and let your thoughts drift along with the orchestral music. Unlike Han Hong and Sun Nan who are known for their big voice and versatile vocal range, Li Jian showed us that sometimes a quiet delivery of a song is equally powerful.

3. Leo Ku 古巨基 – Monica

Leo Ku must have been reading GrateNews before selecting the song for this round when we said we wanted to see him take more risks in the competition instead of playing it safe with ballads. An upbeat dance number from the late Leslie Cheung, Leo sang, dance and even changed some of the lyrics to this classic pop song. But he sounded too much like the original singer and he was not on beat a couple of times. Is it just us or does any one else think the chorus part sounded more like ‘dance, dance, dance, dance Monica…’ Entertaining nevertheless.

Leo Ku in I Am A Singer 3 Round 5

4. Han Hong 韩红 – 海阔天空

This has to be the most ‘pop’ song that we have heard Han Hong sang so far. Popularised by Taiwanese rock band Shin (信乐团), 海阔天空 was rearranged from a rock ballad to become a pop song. It is true that you need to have rock n’roll in your blood to deliver this song. And that is something we didn’t feel at all in Han Hong’s performance. For a technically strong singer like her, it was surprising that she was not on synced with the music a couple of times.

5. Sun Nan 孙楠 – 一块红布+南泥湾

Sun Nan sang a medley for round 5 and even showed off some nifty dance moves. Kudos for the effort, but it seems like he enjoyed the performance more than we did. Our eyes were glazed over during some parts of his segment.

6. Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – Bang Bang

You would be worried too if you were ranked last consecutively for 2 rounds. But selecting a song performed by 3 of the biggest names in the music scene now (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj), Jane Zhang has got some balls. Although we held our breath during her performance, overall, she did alright, apart from her inaudible rap segment. Her shiny lightning blue outfit and fancy dance moves completes her performance.

Jane Zhang in I Am A Singer 3 Round 5

7. A-Lin 黄丽玲 – 我等到花儿都谢了

In a performance that even the ‘God of Songs’ Jacky Cheung will approve, A-Lin seems to be the only one really focused on singing in this round. No special instruments, explosive dance moves or over-the-top song arrangements, she was in total control of the song. A flawless 10 out of 10 performance, the only bad thing was her outfit if we were to nitpick. Her stylist ought to be sacked.

Here’s the final ranking for ‘I Am A Singer’ Season 3 after round 5 (combined scores for round 4 and 5):

Rank 1: A-LIN 黄丽玲 (Rank 2 in round 5)

Rank 2: Li Jian 李健 (Rank 4 in round 5)

Rank 3: Jane Zhang 张靓颖 (Rank 1 in round 5)

Rank 4: Han Hong 韩红 (Rank 6 in round 5)

Rank 5: Leo Ku 古巨基 (Rank 3 in round 5)

Rank 6: Sun Nan 孙楠 (Rank 5 in round 5)

Rank 7: Anson Hu 胡彦斌 (Eliminated) (Rank 7 in round 5)

Eliminated in round 2 – Kit Chan 陈洁仪

Eliminated in round 3 – Li Ronghao 李荣浩

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