I Am A Singer 3 – Round 6: Leo Ku out, challenger Sitar Tan surprises

I Am A Singer 3 - Leo Ku

Round 6 on I Am A Singer 3 is one with many twists and turns. Diva Han Hong narrowly escaped elimination and stays to fight another day after coming in at 6th place while new challenger Sitar Tan WeiWei surprisingly won this round with her aloof performance. The most dreadful results of all perhaps is the departure of Leo Ku. Even with his humour and rapport with the audience, he was not able to win their hearts to stay another round. The new host is rumoured to be Li Jian.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 6 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Han Hong 韩红 – 你是这样的人

Singing in pop operatic style, Han Hong gave a powerful and moving rendition to the song, 你是这样的人. A singer who switches from head to chest voice effortlessly, her control of vocal range is amazing. Although Han Hong’s 你是这样的人 is a classical song, you are still able to fully connect with her performance. Her crystal clear voice and orchestral arrangement for the song gave us goose-bumps.

2. Leo Ku 古巨基 – 匆匆那年

Leo Ku seems to be chugging along in this competition, having always been come in in the lower tier of the ranking table, except in round 3 where he came in first with 情人. He was lucky to escape elimination so far due to his rapport with the audience. We feel that 匆匆那年 was his best performance to date. But without impressive showmanship to aid him, his round 6 performance was mediocre when stacked against the belters of the competition.

3. Li Jian 李健 – 袖手旁观

We were mesmerised by Li Jian’s 袖手旁观. Seemingly not pressured by the competition, he stuck to his soothing and quiet delivery of Chyi Chin’s 袖手旁观. His endearing performance in this round also showcased his beautiful voice as well as impressive vocal range.

4. Sun Nan 孙楠 – 突然想爱你

A singer who normally uses his explosive voice for the entire song, Sun Nan’s ballad for this round was more controlled, easing a little on the decibels. Precisely because of that, his rendition this round feels contrived. We think he picked the wrong song.

Encore Performance
Anson Hu 胡彦斌 – 眼色

The music wizard is at it again, making the song originally sang by Yoga Lin entirely his. His voice and re-arrangement of the song has always been a highlight to us in this competition and it’s a joy to see him always letting it all out on stage. We hope he comes back during the revival round.

5. Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – 忘情桑巴舞

Jane Zhang must have spent a lot of time in the arrangement of the song by Hong Kong pop trio Grasshoppers. She went through 12 variations before deciding on the final tango-inspired arrangement. Hitting the stage with a simple red dress, Jane only ‘warmed up’ towards the middle part of the song. A little awkward during the performance, she was saved by her high falsetto segment and tango steps with the dancers.

I Am A Singer 3 - Jane Zhang

6. A-Lin 黄丽玲 – Halo

We have never heard A-Lin sing in English before so we were full of anticipation over her diction and performance. And we were pretty impressed. Effectively using her range for the entire song, she showcased her full sounding low and mid notes before switching into high gear to hit all the high notes. She even changed her tone to sound more western and to suit the song.

I Am A Singer 3 - A-Lin

7. Sitar Tan WeiWei 谭维维 – 灯塔

A runner-up from China’s talent search competition, Super Girls, Sitar Tan’s 灯塔 felt distant and cold. It felt like she was more interested to showcase her bags of vocal tricks than to connect with the audience. We were not moved at all by her performance. Needless to say, we were surprised she came in number 1.

I Am A Singer 3 - Sitar Tan

Here’s the final ranking for ‘I Am A Singer’ Season 3 round 6:

Rank 1: Sitar Tan WeiWei 谭维维 – 灯塔

Rank 2: Sun Nan 孙楠 – 突然想爱你

Rank 3: Li Jian 李健 – 袖手旁观

Rank 4: A-LIN 黄丽玲 – Halo

Rank 5: Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – 忘情桑巴舞

Rank 6: Han Hong 韩红 – 你是这样的人

Rank 7: Leo Ku 古巨基 – 匆匆那年 (Eliminated)

Eliminated in round 2 – Kit Chan 陈洁仪

Eliminated in round 3 – Li Ronghao 李荣浩

Eliminated in round 5 – Anson Hu 胡彦斌

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