I Am A Singer 4 – Grand Finals: The duets

Coco Lee and Ne-Yo on I Am A Singer 4 Grand Finals

We have finally reached the most anticipated round of I Am A Singer 4, the grand finals. The entire show is a whopping 3.5 hours long and packed with stars and entertainment. Other than the 7 finalists, Jeff Chang, Joey Yung, Old Wolf, Hwang Chi Yeol, Coco Lee, Lala Hsu and Hacken Lee, international artist like Ne-Yo and AKON will also perform as guest singers, making the show even more alluring. The first segment of the grand finals is a duet with a guest singer of the contestant’s choice.

Here’s a breakdown of the performances (in order of appearance):

1. Hwang Chi Yeol 黃致列 + 朴志妍 performing 太阳

Hwang Chi Yeol and Gummy (朴志妍) are definitely not just a pretty face. Both of them have such amazing vocals and magnetising tone. You would think that putting them together is going to be a match made in heaven but on the contrary, they seemed to be unable to ‘blend’ well. In the end, the duet seems more like two singers singing separately. However, you can’t help be envy their perfectly chiselled looks and vocal prowess.

Hwang Chi Yeol and Gummy on I Am A Singer 4 Grand Finals
Hwang Chi Yeol and Gummy

2. Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩 + JJ Lin 林俊傑 performing 不为谁而作的歌

So how did the two talented singer-songwriter do? Slightly better than the previous pair. JJ Lin on the piano for the song’s intro helped Lala Hsu set the stage for great things to come. The key for the verse was a little low for Lala who was almost inaudible for a few lines. The middle section of the song was a bit of a struggle for the pair as both seems to be looking for their groove. But they managed to build the climax in the end and finish strong for the duet.

3. Coco Lee 李玟 + NE-YO performing Earth Song

Ne-Yo on I Am A Singer 4 made Coco Lee’s duet one of the most anticipated performances of the night. When Coco sang the first few lines of the song, we thought the ‘end of days’ wasn’t too far away. Thanks to Ne-Yo, the Earth (song) was saved! And of course, we would like to thank Michael Jackson for such an amazing song as well.

4. Old Wolf 老狼 + 汪峰, 周晓鸥, 栾树, 丁武, 高旗, 李延亮, 马上又, 陈劲 performing 礼物

This is technically not a duet anymore. A total of 9 singers took the stage to sing 礼物 and Old Wolf was one of them who got a mere few lines of the song. Even though all singers have varying vocal capabilities the song showed a lot of heart and camaraderie.

5. Joey Yung 容祖儿 + 陈伟霆 performing 加大力

This is the first fast number of the night and the best duet of the night so far. Both Joey Yung and William Chan are amazing performers and brought the heat in the venue up a notch with their almost non-stop dancing, singing and interspersed raps. This is what we call great team work.

Joey Yung on I Am A Singer 4 Grand Finals
Joey Yung and William Chan

6. Hacken Lee 李克勤 + 林子祥、葉倩文 performing 左林右莉走一回

You must really be somebody to convince the ‘golden couple’ of Cantopop and Mandopop, Sally Yeh and George Lam to come out of their hiatus and go onto a stage as big as I Am A Singer. How long has it been? Probably 15 years since we last saw them. And we must say that both of them aged extremely well, especially Sally Yeh. Hacken Lee looked like a small boy singing beside his ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’.

7. Jeff Chang 张信哲 + Akon performing 狂潮

This must be one of the weirdest duet performances you will ever see. The ballad style of Jeff Chang and the hip hop world of AKON seemed day and night. Coupled with Suby as DJ, the trio, especially Jeff Chang looked extremely out of place. The rearranged song is an electronic mishmash of hits from both Jeff and AKON and thankfully for Suby who acted as the ‘glue’ for the duo, the performance could have gotten a lot worse. And AKON singing in Mandarin makes this duet a must watch.

After the series of duets, the 6 singers that got through to the solo segment are:

  1.  Hacken Lee 李克勤
  2.  Coco Lee 李玟
  3.  Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列
  4.  Jeff Chang 张信哲
  5.  Lala Hsu 徐佳莹
  6.  Old Wolf 老狼
    Joey Yung 容祖儿 – Eliminated

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