I Am A Singer 4 – Round 4: Korean idol Hwang Chi Yeol dances to victory

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4

Korean singer Hwang Chi Yeol finally broke his jinxed 2nd position and took down this round with a fast number, Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang. Acting, dancing and rapping, Hwang was on fire and showed the judges just how an all-rounded entertainer he is. The challenger this round is none other than Jeff Chang, the prince of love ballads from Taiwan known for his hits like 信仰, 宽容, 过火 and 不要对他说. Despite being down with a serious bout of sore throat, Jeff Chang still went ahead with his performance and high marks for his appearance. His second place performance secured him a place in the next round of the show.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 4 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 一起走过的日子

Hacken’s song list is full of Hong Kong’s heavenly kings. After covering songs from Alan Tam and Jacky Cheung in previous rounds, his round 3 number is from the prolific singer-actor Andy Lau. Hacken fuses 2 of Andy’s classic hits 谢谢你的爱 and 一起走过的日子 to give it his own interpretation and a fresh perspective. It was no surprise that Hacken delivered a steady performance but it was only a passable attempt at trying out something different even though a lot of work had been put into the music arrangement.

Encore Performance – Su Yun Ying 苏运莹
We simply adore Su Yun Ying! There is something so special about the rawness of her delivery that captivates you. When she sings, it is like she is speaking to you, tugging at your heart strings. Singing a heart-warming song “你”, she reminded us a lot of Eason Chan’s style of singing and music.

2. Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 大地

Zhao Chuan sounds totally ordinary in this song. We all know that he has doesn’t need to use much singing techniques like riff, scatting and even rapping to impress, but it felt like he is singing inside a karaoke room (the kind with a stage) in round 4 of I Am A Singer 4. We were sure that even Zhao Chuan himself felt bored half way through his performance. But of course his high pitches is still a force to be reckon with.

3. Shin 信 – Still Loving You

After coming in last in the previous round of the I Am A Singer 4, Shin knows that there is no time to mope and start working to on his songs if he wants to still be in the game. For this round he picked rock band Scorpions’ Still Loving You. We know that this is a challenging song, but we were equally interested to hear if Shin will struggle with diction performing this English number. After all, this is the first time we have heard him sing in another language other than Chinese. First off, we were pleasantly surprised at his English pronounciation and secondly, we were glad that he swopped out his hideous luminous green outfit to dress up in a more subdued black shirt and pants. And the performance? It was simply electrifying! The “Rock Giant” kept the pitch, pace and tension throughout the entire song and really showcased his capability as a rock singer. A standing ovation performance.

Shin in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4
Shin 信

4. Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – Bang Bang Bang

When we knew that Hwang Chi Yeol was going to do a fast number, we were over the moon! We knew that Hwang started his entertainment career as a dancer and we were dying to see him dance since the beginning of I Am A Singer 4. His challenge in this round wasn’t just to dance, but to also remember the newly written Chinese lyrics for Big Bang’s Korean hit song Bang Bang Bang. Starting the song with a James Bond arrangement, Hwang looks so dashing with his back combed hair and white jacket. Commanding the stage with his incredible stage presence, impeccable dance moves and stamina, it doesn’t matter what language he was singing in anymore. He is such an incredible performer that the audiences were all off their seats and enchanted by his Korean idol charm. Korean entertainers like him is the reason we why the K-wave phenomenon is so far-reaching and powerful.

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4
Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列

5. Coco Lee 李玟 – 你

Dedicating the song to her late father that passed away when she was just born, Coco wanted to use Jam Hsiao’s “你” to remember the man. It was a touching personal story from the diva but the sincerity in her voice during her segment was weak. There were a couple of phrases where she had to rein in her emotions and not let them ruin her ‘perfect’ performance. But those rare glimpses were the ones we felt Coco was finally letting her heart sing for once. Keep working on it Coco, we are all waiting for that defining performance from you.

Coco Lee in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4
Coco Lee 李玟

5. Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 莉莉安

Contrary to Hwang Chi Yeol who is so far the most consistent singer as far as voting results are concerned, Lala Hsu’s placings on I Am A Singer 4 has been a roller-coaster ride thus far. In round 4, she selected a simple folk song 莉莉安 to showcase her clear, strong and bright vocals. She exercised good control in her ability to sing powerful verses and the occasional high pitches. We appreciate it that she doesn’t apply too many unnecessary techniques but instead skilfully applying her mesmerising tone to the song. She ranked third in this round.

Lala Hsu in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4
Lala Hsu 徐佳莹

7. Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 信仰(Challenger)

Jeff Chang must be one of the most feeble singers to go onto I Am A Singer stage. Other than suffering from fever, flu and sore throat just days before the competition, Jeff was also the only singer that didn’t even manage to complete a rehearsal, opting to ‘save’ as much of his voice as possible for the night. But because of his ‘unfavourable’ condition, his hoarse voice coupled with his overly charged emotions made this performance exceptional and exceeded our expectations of him. His professionalism also earned him a lot of votes from fellow singers and the judges.

Jeff Chang in I Am A Singer 4 Round 4
Jeff Chang 张信哲

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 4 round 4:

Rank 1: Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – Bang Bang Bang

Rank 2: Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 信仰

Rank 3: Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 莉莉安

Rank 4: Coco Lee 李玟 – 你

Rank 5: Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 一起走过的日子

Rank 6: Shin 信 – Still Loving You

Rank 7: Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 大地

Eliminated in Round 3 – Su Yun Ying 苏运莹

Eliminated in Round 2 – Guan Zhe 关喆

Eliminated in Round 2 – HAYA乐团

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