I Am A Singer 4 – Round 5: Diva Coco Lee brings the house down with Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

Coco Lee dances to the top with song Nobody

In round 5 of I Am A Singer 4, Coco Lee came out tops with her flashy rendition of the popular Korean hit “Nobody”. The 41-year-old singer went all out, working the crowd up into a frenzy with her dance moves. Fellow veteran Zhao Chuan, who stuck to his usual style of straight singing took the last spot this round and was eliminated.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 5 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 征服

It is Zhao Chuan’s usual style of sing. Clear, emotive and straight-forward. Zhao Chuan gave Na Ying’s hit ballad 征服 a sincere and steady rendition with little surprise. It was a good performance but one not enough to whet the audience’s appetite and they voted his session the worse performance this round. After placing last for this and the previous round, Zhao Chuan was eliminated.

Zhao Chuan in I Am A Singer 4 Round 5
Zhao Chuan 赵传

2. Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 单车

If you are guessing that Hacken Lee is going to pick a song from the last Heavenly King Leon Lai, you are not that far off. In round 5, he selected Cantopop King Eason Chan’s 单车, a song about the relationship of a father and son. Compared to Coco’s 你 in the last round, Hacken’s song for his dad is more earnest and natural. Perhaps it was the superbly written lyrics that pushed him for a moving performance.

3. Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 我好想你

Next up was Lala Hsu who selected Soda Green’s 我好想你 (I Miss You). We love her more and more after each performance. When she sings, she has an unassuming and genuine approach, as if telling you a story close up. Showcasing her excellent vocal resonance and control in this round, she was able to lead you effortlessly into the song and hold your attention during the entire performance. Her 2nd place result was an acceptable outcome but we think her performance this round deserve top marks from the judges.

4. Coco Lee 李玟 – Nobody

It was another fast number from Coco Lee and this time she picked the insanely popular hit from the Wonder Girls, Nobody. Diva hairdo, studded dress and shaking her booty, she gave the audience an age-defying performance. Dance moves that is. We were still not impressed with her over the top emotions and showgirl smile. Nevertheless, it was impressive to see her work the crowd and turn up the heat for this hot number. This is the second time in 5 rounds that she had top the tally and we are sure the judges are in love with her salsa moves.

Coco Lee in I Am A Singer 4 Round 5
Coco Lee 李玟

5. Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 默

Hwang Chi Yeol is someone who loves a challenge. After last episode’s dance number where he had to memorise a new set of Mandarin lyrics for Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang, he is taking on Na Ying’s 默 in this round. Looking to give the audience freshness and a different side of him round after round, he opted for a more traditional arrangement, complete with Chinese drums and flute. A case of less is more, Hwang Chi Yeol bit off more than he could chew in this round. Not only was the arrangement overwhelming with changing keys and multiple layering instruments and vocals, he was also a little pitchy in this round. But thumbs up for his boldness and attitude.

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 5
Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列

6. Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 二十年以前

Feeling better than he was in the last round, ‘Prince of ballads’ Jeff Chang chose Twenty Years Ago by Kenny Rogers to cover in this round. A song not familiar to most, Jeff Chang’s cover of this 1987 hit was soothing and heart warming. But perhaps lacking the character of a weathered man (we are not saying Kenny Rogers is a weathered man, although he looks the part), Jeff’s clean clear voice wasn’t able to express the required tone for this song. And life is definitely easier 20 years ago Jeff.

Jeff Chang in I Am A Singer 4 Round 5
Jeff Chang 张信哲

7. Shin 信 – Gangnam Style

Are you as shock as us when you know Shin is covering this song? And it seems like there is no song the “Rock Giant” cannot turn into a rock song, not even this wildly popular song from Psy. Reluctant to keep his status quo standings in this competition, he decided to once again challenge himself with a dance number. Although he is not much of a dancer, but it was entertaining to see Shin having so much fun on stage and keeping his style of music alive. Kudos to Shin for effort and can do attitude.

Shin in I Am A Singer 4 Round 5
Shin 信

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 4 round 5:

Rank 1: Coco Lee 李玟 – Nobody

Rank 2: Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 我好想你

Rank 3: Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 单车

Rank 4: Shin 信 – Gangnam Style

Rank 5: Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 二十年以前

Rank 6: Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 默

Rank 7: Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 征服 (Eliminated)

Eliminated in Round 3 – Su Yun Ying 苏运莹

Eliminated in Round 2 – Guan Zhe 关喆

Eliminated in Round 2 – HAYA乐团

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