I Am A Singer 4 – Round 6: Challenger Wang Xi scores with Spanish ballad Bésame Mucho, Shin eliminated

Wang Xi in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Wang Xi

After the elimination of Zhao Chuan in the previous round, Round 6 of I Am A Singer 4 welcomes a new challenger Wang Xi (王晰). Nicknamed the ‘Bass Cannon’ due to his bassy vocals, Wang Xi’s rendition of Besame Mucho blew the audience away and will join the rest of the singers in subsequent rounds of the competition. Unfortunately for Shin, his serious bout of sore throat affected his performance severely and was eliminated by the challenger.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 6 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 苦海

After going a little overboard with the oriental arrangement for ‘默’ in round 5 that saw him coming in at the 6th position, Hwang Chi Yeol is back on stage with a genre he excels in – Korean love ballads. A great song choice to showcase his husky and sexy voice to the fullest, Hwang delivered a powerful and emotional performance. You can tell that he is in his element when singing in a language (Korean) he is familiar with and focusing on his delivery instead of memorising Mandarin lyrics.

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列

2. Coco Lee 李玟 – 喜气洋洋 + 宝贝对不起 + Sha La La

On the other end of the spectrum from the quiet Hwang Chi Yeol is the noisily loud Coco Lee. Dressed like a hippy from the 60s, she chose not one but 3 songs in total for a upbeat medley. Seemingly trying to tell the world that she can speak multiple languages effortlessly, she sang in Cantonese, Chinese and English for her segment. The verdict? She did all languages well. And quite effortlessly really, given the fact that she had released albums in all 3 languages. Singing-wise, she is not expressing the much needed authenticity in her tone but we do admire her spirit for trying out new stuff week after week and fully enjoying herself on the show.

Coco Lee in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Coco Lee 李玟

3. Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 喜欢你

Turning herself into a girl-next-door with her checkered dress and sweet tone, Lala Hsu took on Kit Chan’s 喜欢你 to cover. We love the arrangement for the song but her performance, not so much. It felt like she was uncomfortable throughout the performance. We were not sure if it was the dress or the song but Lala seems disconnected and disengaged in this round. Or perhaps she was thinking of her dad, who celebrated his birthday on the same day. The audience and judges probably felt the same way, voting her for the 6th position.

Lala Hsu in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Lala Hsu 徐佳莹

4. Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 友情岁月

The team at GrateNews were just talking about the golden era of gangster movies and songs about loyalty and friendship in Hong Kong in the 1990s and this song from Hacken Lee popped up and brought us right back to that era. The arrangement gave him a lot of opportunities to set the mood and build the climax for the song and Hacken went at it with much Canto flair and gusto. This would have been his best performance on I Am A Singer 4 so far if not for the blunder where he went off key trying to sing a rising crescendo of notes.

Hacken Lee in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Hacken Lee 李克勤

5. Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 爱的箴言

A lot of singers have covered 爱的箴言 and Jeff Chang’s CD-quality version on I Am A Singer 4 will join this collection. The fully recovered Jeff Chang was able to deliver a soothing, touching and heart warming version of the song. Although it wasn’t a particularly outstanding performance, there wasn’t much to nitpick either.

Jeff Chang in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Jeff Chang 张信哲

6. Shin 信 – 末班车

In this round, it was Shin’s turn to fall sick. Battling a severe sore throat, the “Rock Giant” already had problems during the rehearsal and struggled to warm up his voice as well. He also tried to minimise speaking to anyone before his performance. But a competition is a competition, it is not sympathetic to your conditions nor forgiving to your delivery. It was obvious that Shin struggled and had to alter many parts of the song just to complete singing the song. We respect him for giving it his all despite the odds.

Shin in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Shin 信

7. Wang Xi 王晰 – Besame Mucho

Challenger Wang Xi has a bassy and attractive vocal tone. Singing the Spanish classic Besame Mucho (we like to cook with this song), he does sound a little like a younger version of Andre Bocelli. But the promising challenger was not so consistent when switching to a higher vocal register in the middle of the song. And some of his techniques seem forced. We are guessing that the judges gave him a pass because of his unique tone and that his style of performance clearly stands out from the rest of the singers in the show. Nevertheless, coming in first in this round means challenger Wang Xi gets to stay. We look forward to his future performances.

Wang Xi in I Am A Singer 4 Round 6
Wang Xi 王晰

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 4 round 6:

Rank 1: Wang Xi 王晰 – Besame Mucho

Rank 2: Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 友情岁月

Rank 3: Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 苦海

Rank 4: Coco Lee 李玟 – 喜气洋洋 + 宝贝对不起 + Sha la la

Rank 5: Jeff Chang 张信哲 – 爱的箴言

Rank 6: Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 喜欢你

Rank 7: Shin 信 – 末班车

Eliminated in Round 5 – Zhao Chuan 赵传

Eliminated in Round 3 – Su Yun Ying 苏运莹

Eliminated in Round 2 – Guan Zhe 关喆

Eliminated in Round 2 – HAYA乐团

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