I Am A Singer 3 – Round 1: Kit Chan and other shocking results

I Am A Singer Season 3

I Am A Singer Season 3 kicked off on 2 January and we were spot on in our leak article about round 1’s artist lineup. China diva Han Hong took the top spot despite feeling unwell with her soulful rendition of “天亮了” while Singapore’s songbird Kit Chan had a disappointing night coming in last singing “心动”.

Here’s the break down of their performances in round 1 of the fiercely fought professional singing competition (in order of appearance):

1. 古巨基 (Leo Ku) – 爱与诚

We didn’t have much expectations of Leo Ku initially. A popular pop singer in Hong Kong, Leo surprised us by singing his hit Cantonese song “爱与诚” in a slower arrangement. The slower tempo not only allowed him to be more creative in the rendition of the song but also adds emotion to the otherwise plain ballad. Being the host of the competition also gave him an opportunity to interact with the audience (they will be the ones voting for their favourite performance) and show off his sense of humour.

I Am A Singer Season 3
Leo Ku

2. Sun Nan 孙楠 – 是否爱过我

Another heavyweight from China, Sun Nan was solid from start to end performing “是否爱过我” which he wrote the lyrics for. The song was re-arranged with Beethoven’s Symphony of Fate for the intro to add a sense of grandness to the performance.

3. A-LIN – 给我一个理由忘记

Pretty much an unknown in Mainland China, A-Lin from Taiwan is a versatile singer who has been very elusive. Heck, she hardly even appears in her music videos. A dark horse in this competition, she will probably get the much-needed boost to her music career due to the popularity of the show. During round 1, she did what was required of a technically challenging song but we think she still has a lot in her tank for the rest of the competition. “It’s time to let people know who I am and this competition will help me achieve a lasting impression,” said A-LIN.

4. 胡彦斌 (Anson Hu) – 山丘

Anson Hu was the last to come on. He sang ‘山丘’, a song written by Jonathan Lee. A popular singer-songwriter in China, Anson Hu may have showcased his vocal range and styles a tad too much for a song that doesn’t requires it. We would prefer that he put more heart in the song. An entertaining performance nevertheless.

5. 陈洁仪 (Kit Chan) – 心动

Kit Chan taking the last place says a lot about the quality of this competition. Standing out from the pack with her angelic classical voice, her performance was technically perfect but lacks inspiration. Even -Kit Chan never expected to end up last given her slightly embarrassed look when the show producer read the results. Well, she can still take consolation from the outpouring of support from her fans on social media who thinks the critics were overly harsh in passing judgment. Let’s hope she bounces back in round 2.

I Am A Singer Season 3
Kit Chan

6. Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – 我用所有报答爱

Dressed in a classy midnight blue gown, Jane Zhang took a big risk to sing a movie theme song that was unfamiliar to most. But her effort paid off last night, mesmerising the audience with her angelic voice and flawless falsettos. Clinching the 2nd spot in a clash of the titans was no mean feat for her.

I Am A Singer Season 3
Jane Zhang

7. Han Hong 韩红 – 天亮了

We were impressed that the competition was able to convince a veteran singer like Han Hong to take part. Known for her soulful voice, it was pretty obvious that Han Hong has not fully recovered from her cold. Refusing to let her hoarse voice get in the way, Han Hong insisted on performing the difficult song to clinch the top spot. You go girl!

Here’s the final ranking for ‘I Am A Singer’ Season 3 round 1:

Rank 1: Han Hong 韩红

Rank 2: Jane Zhang 张靓颖

Rank 3: A-LIN 黄丽玲

Rank 4: Sun Nan 孙楠

Rank 5: Anson Hu 胡彦斌

Rank 6: Leo Ku 古巨基

Rank 7: Kit Chan 陈洁仪

Watch the entire round 1 on GrateNews.

Part 1:

《我是歌手第三季》第1期 20150102(1/2)【720p】 by GoChinaTV

Part 2:

《我是歌手第三季》第1期 20150102(2/2)【720p】 by GoChinaTV