I Am A Singer 3 – Round 4: Han Hong tops the round while Jane Zhang sinks

I Am A Singer 3 Round 4

The results for round 4 of I Am A Singer Season 3 are out! Jane Zhang seems jinxed recently as she was again ranked last for her performance this week. She will be in danger of elimination next week if her combined score for both weeks is at the bottom of the charts. Coming in third in the overall placing, new challenger Li Jian will be staying on to compete in the next round. Han Hong expectedly came up tops for her rendition of 莫尼山.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 4 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Sun Nan 孙楠 – 这一次我绝不放手

Sun Nan as usual delivered his song well. There was nothing fanciful about his choice of song arrangement in this round but his powerful vocals and consistently stable performance won hearts. Perhaps his bare-back blazer was more attention grabbing than his singing.


2. Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – 离歌

After coming in last in the previous week’s show, Jane Zhang was determined not to repeat the same results. Seeking to deliver a breakthrough performance, she selected a vocally demanding song by Taiwanese rock band Shin (信乐团). While her vocal resonance was great in the low and mid range registers, she wasn’t able to hold it together at the higher range of the song. Although she wasn’t able to fully emote the song and connect with the audience, it was still a commendable effort from her. Lucky for her, this week is not the elimination round.


3. A-Lin 黄丽玲 – 爱上你等于爱上寂寞

On the contrary, A-Lin was laser focused in conveying the emotions of the song. Decked in a simple asymmetrical green dress, she was able to immerse herself in the song and connect with the audience. Her performance in round 4 showed class and was captivating from start to end. We were most impressed by her performance this week.


4. Anson Hu 胡彦斌 – Don’t break my heart

Without a doubt, every singer in I Am A Singer 3 is competitive. It’s great to see that Anson Hu is having fun in the show. And that is pretty infectious. Breathing new life into a song that was published more than 20 years ago by China rock band Black Panther, Anson Hu’s rendition had our heads bobbing to his performance and rhythm of the re-arranged song. We look forward to what surprises he will bring in the next round.

5. Leo Ku 古巨基 – 突然好想你

Leo Ku’s rendition of MayDay’s 突然好想你 is starting to sound a little too familiar, too safe. The Hong Kong singer again took an upbeat song, changed it into a ballard and infused it with some dramatic peaks in the chorus. Not a bad performance overall but wouldn’t we love to see Leo Ku take more risks in the coming rounds?

6. Han Hong 韩红 – 莫尼山

Han Hong’s bright, clear voice in this Mongolian folk song brings us to the rolling dunes of the grasslands. Han Hong wanted to bring on stage the rich culture of the Mongolian tribe by introducing their musical style, instruments and by singing a large segment of the song in their language. Close your eyes and let her voice take you to the vast lands of Mongolia.


7. Li Jian 李健 – 贝加尔湖畔

Injecting some classical vibe to the competition that is dominated by pop styles, Li Jian’s 贝加尔湖畔 was a good change of pace for the show. Although Li Jian was technically sound in the song, we were left baffled by why this mellow performance was voted number 3. Perhaps the audience longed for more soothing, classical singing styles after all that power singing by some of the previous contestants As this is a competition that seems to favour powerful vocals, we wonder how long Li Jian would last.


Encore Performance
Li Ronghao 李荣浩 – 笑忘书

In this round, Li Ronghao stuck to his style of muffled diction and monotonous singing and presented the song in a darker, more gothic kind of way. However, we still very much prefer the original version sang by Faye Wong.

Here’s the final ranking for ‘I Am A Singer’ Season 3 round 4:
Rank 1: Han Hong 韩红
Rank 2: A-LIN 黄丽玲
Rank 3: Li Jian 李健
Rank 4: Anson Hu 胡彦斌
Rank 5: Sun Nan
Rank 6: Leo Ku 古巨基
Rank 7: Jane Zhang 张靓颖
Eliminated in round 2 – Kit Chan 陈洁仪
Eliminated in round 3 – Li Ronghao 李荣浩

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