I Am A Singer 3 – Round 9: Malaysian challenger Jess Lee goes all out

The challenger for round 9 of I Am A Singer Season 3 was none other than Jess Lee 李佳薇 from Malaysia. The grand winner of the popular singing competition One Million Star in Taiwan, 26-year-old Jess Lee was the youngest singer to take part in I Am A Singer. Although she failed to stay on by coming in 5th, she will join the rest of the eliminated singers in a revival round to vie for a spot in the final rounds of I Am A Singer Season 3. This episode was also the first time since the start of the show that 2 singers (Han Hong and The One) tied for the same spot.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 9 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Li Jian 李健 – 尘缘

Viewers of the competition are probably very familiar with Li’s classical singing style by now. In round 9, although Li Jian was fluid and moving in his delivery, his genre is starting to get a little old. The one trick pony now needs a new act to freshen up his appeal or risk going home in the subsequent rounds. He was ranked 6th in this round, one of his poorest showings so far.

2. Sun Nan 孙楠 – 永远不回头

The theme song from the movie Seven Wolves (七匹狼), 永远不回头 is a song that challenges the vocal range. Dancing and rocking on stage, Sun Nan seemed to breeze through the song with ease. The visibly slimmer Sun Nan, thanks to the intensity of this competition, looked good in patent leather pants. Our main complaint is that the ‘new’ arrangement is not that different from the original version. Other than the vocal fry he added at the end of the song, the song still sounded like it’s from the eighties.

3. Sitar Tan WeiWei 谭维维 – 康定情歌

It was an eye-opening performance from Sitar Tan from the get go. From the impressive acapella segment from Sitar Tan, her backup singers to the funk bass riffs, the song was totally transformed. It was a daring and delightful spin on a classical song. Hats off to Sitar’s Chinese folk singing and solid performance in this round. We didn’t get the Bjork-style dress sense though. Pyjamas, poofy sleeves and red heels. Really?


Encore Performance
Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – All of me

Perhaps it’s the relief of not having to compete in this round of the show, Jane Zhang felt a lot more relaxed and at ease. Her cover of John Legend’s All of Me wasn’t impressive but it was one of her better performances on I Am A Singer 3. She didn’t have much to prove in this round anyway. And sorry to be the fashion critic here, but doesn’t Jane look like she is rushing off to a car show to be a model there right after the song?


4. Han Hong 韩红 – 故乡的云

Han Hong’s rendition of 故乡的云 was truly epic. Her amazing crystal-clear tone coupled with her tireless voice is the reason why she deserves a seat in this competition. Although our eyes did not well up like some in the audience, we can truly appreciate the grandeur of this performance.

5. The One 郑淳元 – My Destiny (爱你的宿命)

With such an attractive baritone voice, it’s no wonder 郑淳元 is nicknamed The One. Powered by his heart and driven by his soul, The One’s sincerity in his rendition of My Destiny can be felt throughout the performance. He has replaced Anson Hu (after he was eliminated in Round 5) as the singer we most look forward to every week. Even though his voice got tense at the last part, it only added to his sensual and emotional performance.

6. A-Lin 黄丽玲 – 一想到你呀

Taiwanese aborigines are known to be great singers. A-Mei, Power Station and Jam Hsiao are some of the popular aboriginal singers from Taiwan, just to name a few. In round 9, A-Lin displayed her aboriginal roots and even asked her parents to take part in the performance. Decked out in traditional outfit from her tribe, A-Lin’s performance was infectious and instantly lit up the mood of the show. Dancing, hopping and smiling, we loved this bubbly side of A-Lin. You should also catch the interview with A-Lin’s mum (1:02:35). The mother-daughter duo look so alike!


7. Jess Lee 李佳薇 – 煎熬

We were all goosebumps watching Jess Lee’s live performance of 煎熬. Still a young singer, Jess Lee’s singing has definitely improved over the last couple of years. Showcasing her amazing soprano voice in a song that demanded a few vocal octaves, Jess Lee made sure the performance of 煎熬 was her best to date. And it was. Unfortunately, she was ranked 5th and failed to eliminate any singers. If she had stayed on in the competition, she would most definitely haven been a threat to the more established singers on the show.

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 3 round 9:

Rank 1: Sitar Tan WeiWei 谭维维 – 康定情歌

Rank 2 – tie: The One 郑淳元 – My Destiny (爱你的宿命)

Rank 2 – tie: Han Hong 韩红 – 故乡的云

Rank 4: A-Lin 黄丽玲 – 一想到你呀

Rank 5: Jess Lee 李佳薇 – 煎熬

Rank 6: Li Jian 李健 – 尘缘

Rank 7: Sun Nan 孙楠 – 永远不回头

Eliminated in round 2 – Kit Chan 陈洁仪

Eliminated in round 3 – Li Ronghao 李荣浩

Eliminated in round 5 – Anson Hu 胡彦斌

Eliminated in round 6 – Leo Ku 古巨基

Eliminated in round 8 – Jane Zhang 张靓颖

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