I Am A Singer 4 – Round 2: Coco Lee redeems herself with groovy number

I Am A Singer Season 4 - Round 2

After posting a depressing result in the first round of I Am A Singer 4, Coco Lee managed to bounce back to top the table with her rendition of 爱之初体验. Conversely, Lala Hsu who impressed the audience in the previous episode dropped to 6th place for her performance of “Training for Love” (修炼爱情). This round also saw the elimination of HAYA乐团 and Guan Zhe. Despite their best efforts in round 2, the duo didn’t make the cut. They came in the 7th and 8th place respectively after aggregating the scores from both rounds. Korean singer Hwang Chi Yeo, who ranked 2nd place in both rounds, was the most consistent singer.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 2 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 修炼爱情

Lala Hsu’s cover of JJ Lin’s “Training for Love” (修炼爱情) was as sweet and innocent as she looks. As usual, her tone was attractive and she managed to deliver a nice version of the song. But there was no punch to the performance and the audience seemed to agree by placing her in the 6th place. To survive in future stages of the competition, Hsu would have to carefully pick her songs and arrange them to her advantage to counter the stronger vocalists on the show.

2. Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 从开始到现在

The song Hwang Chi Yeol picked for round 2 of I Am A Singer 4 was the theme song from “Winter Sonata”, a Korea drama many are familiar with. Singing the first part of the song in Mandarin before launching into a salvo of dramatic Korean verses has definitely earned him some brownie points from the Chinese crowd. Watching him perform is like sitting through a heart-tugging episode of a Korean drama, full of emotion and visually arresting. We just want to scream “Oppa” every time Hwang Chi Yeol comes on!

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 2
Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列

3. Guan Zhe 关喆 – 神奇

It was a daring move for Guan Zhe to pick Stephanie Sun’s “Magical” (神奇) for round 2. After coming in last place in the previous round, it appears that Guan Zhe spent a lot of time and effort to work on a vastly different arrangement to the fast number. Adding elements of rock to the dance track, it was a refreshing take on the song. The arrangement and his rendition gave the song a magical Arabic feel. It’s just too bad for him that the combined score for both rounds was not enough able to save him from elimination. Let’s hope he does well in the revival round.

Guan Zhe in I Am A Singer 4 Round 2
Guan Zhe 关喆

4. Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 飞得更高

Even though Zhao Chuan is a singer from 80s, age doesn’t seem to affect his performance. Other than breezing through the high octaves with ease, his voice had a certain positive energy to it. Performing the song looked deceptively simple for Zhao Chuan but Wang Feng’s “Fly Higher” (飞得更高) was a definitely not an easy song to tackle. Zhao Chuan was also one of the rare singers who didn’t appear out of place singing in his usual style and tone.

5. Shin 信 – 人质

Turning A-Mei’s hit song into a rock ballad, Shin once again demonstrated his ability to sing in insanely high notes albeit with a more restraint this time round. Showcasing a gentler side, the “Rock Giant” held back his rock screams to present a more controlled rendition of “Hostage” (人质). All in all, it was an above average attempt by Shin to rein in his octaves and sing with more emotion. Our only gripe was that his thin mid-range voice sounded whinny at times.

6. Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 当我知道你们相爱

It is rare to hear Hacken Lee sing in Mandarin in his 30 plus years in showbiz. Save for his Mandarin album 情牢, we can’t recall any notable effort from him performing in non-Cantonese. His cover of Aaron Kwok’s ballad was equally forgettable. Not only was he not able to deliver a stellar performance, he was also over the top in his expressions and emotions. In mandarin, his performance is what we call “油” or “greasy”.

7. HAYA乐团 – 飞翔的鹰

We bet HAYA乐团 has its fans but perhaps there just isn’t enough of them among the audience of I Am A Singer. To truly appreciate the music from HAYA, you would have to close your eyes and simply appreciate the diversity of the music and styles. A music style that was perhaps too alternative for the audience, HAYA乐团  was booted out early in the show, saving them from having to compete in the pop contest. For us, we found their brand of music liberating and we applaud them for sticking to it.

HAYA in I Am A Singer 4 Round 2

8. Coco Lee 李玟 – 爱之初体验

Fighting to keep herself in the competition, Coco Lee made full use of her secret weapon — showmanship. If there was one singer who could wing it like a Las Vegas concert singer, it’s Coco Lee. So instead of mopping over her dismal results in Round 1, Coco strutted her stuff and turned the stage of I Am A Singer 4 into her own private show. Although it was 100% Coco Lee’s brand of singing, we liked the arrangement given to the song, especially the groovy intro. Oh, happy birthday too Coco!

Coco Lee in I Am A Singer Season 4 Round 2
Coco Lee 李玟

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 4 round 2:

Rank 1: Coco Lee 李玟 – 爱之初体验

Rank 2: Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 从开始到现在

Rank 3: Zhao Chuan 赵传 – 飞得更高

Rank 4: HAYA乐团 – 飞翔的鹰 (overall ranking #7) Eliminated

Rank 5: Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 当我知道你们相爱

Rank 6: Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 修炼爱情

Rank 7: Shin 信 – 人质

Rank 8: Guan Zhe 关喆 – 神奇 (overall ranking #8) Eliminated

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