Did Jackie Chan seriously ask son Jaycee to go back to jail?

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Serving jail time can indeed change a person. Case in point is actor Jaycee Chan. Apparently his time behind bars has done him a world of good, according to his action superstar dad.

Jackie Chan, who was recently conferred the title of Datuk said his son is now more disciplined after serving six months in jail for a drug offence. He said that the now neater and well-behaved son took some getting used to.

In an interview published by Oriental Daily News, Jackie shared that Jaycee used to be lazy and not focused. “He now arranges his shoes neatly, eats the food his mother cooks for him, helps to carry bowls and even folds clothes,” he added.

Seeing how much Jaycee has changed, Jackie jokingly suggested to him that he might want to consider heading back to prison every year for six months since the jail environment is quiet and he he can focus on writing songs.

To that, Jaycee’s response was, “You can’t go back if you haven’t done anything wrong”.

Jackie also said that there has been a marked improvement to the father-son relationship. The duo who used to squabble whenever they talk now has a harmonious relationship. “I feel that he has a lot to share these days. He plays music for me and said he wants to write a movie script as well,” Jackie said.

  Jail time is nothing compared to my boot camp!