Jackie Chan: I carry $1.5 million in cash

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Jackie Chan in Chinese Zodiac
Jackie Chan in Chinese Zodiac

Action superstar Jackie Chan (成龙) has came a long way from being an extravagant man during his twenties to a high-profile philanthropist now.

Promoting his new book ‘Getting old before growing up (還沒長大就老了)’ at a press event held at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, the 61 year-old Datuk revealed that he was once an annoying and arrogant young man. He was an uncouth and uneducated stuntman who suddenly received a windfall of $10 million dollars from his movies. His immediate thoughts were to go out and splurge all the money on everything he wanted in his lifetime in one single week.

He recalled an incident 30 years ago where he swaggered into a luxury watch shop and asked for the most expensive watch that cost a whopping $0.5 million. And because he didn’t know how to sign the bill using his credit card, he ended up carrying wads of cash with him on a daily basis instead — all $1.5 million of it. Kind of dangerous even for a highly skilled martial artist, don’t you think? To further illustrate his extravagant ways in the past, he added that he used to drive his Porsche in the morning before swopping to his Mercedes at night, all while being intoxicated with alcohol.

One of Chan’s biggest regrets was not putting in effort into his studies. He was often embarrassed that he had to copy what someone else had written for him when signing autographs for fans. Jackie hopes that by sharing his past experiences with the students at the university, he would spur the younger generations to study hard, Mingpao reported.