Jay Chou angers netizens for cutting queue at daughter’s clinic

Jay Chou was recently criticised for cutting the queue at a clinic when he brought his daughter, affectionately known as Little Chou (小周周), there for immunisation, ET Today reported.

Quoting netizens, ET Today reported that Jay Chou arrived at the clinic with his infant daughter on 27 August. Apart from cutting the queue, the clinic had also cordoned off an area for the king of Mandopop. As a result of this, some of the patients in line had to be moved to a crowded space at the stairway. Strangely, however, the report revealed that neither Jay Chou nor Hannah Quinlivan were present at the clinic that day. It was a nurse who claimed it was the couple’s daughter.

Chou denied the rumours, saying that he never got any special treatment from the hospital. He also told Apple Daily that he was not present at his daughter’s immunisation, and only got to witness the process via a video recording.

The superstar added that he often personally drives wife Hannah and baby around, just that he didn’t get spotted by the media. “If I’m being followed by paparazzi, it would take some brain power in order to shake them off”, he told ET Today.