Jay Chou: Baby will not stop me from judging ‘Voice of China’

In a recent press conference for the upcoming season of The Voice of China (中国好声音), Jay Chou (周杰伦) told reporters that the arrival of his new baby will not stop him from judging the singing competition. Jay Chou also insisted he would not resort to finding a replacement as he wanted to be the one to select his own student.

Some key engagements Jay Chou have lined up for the year include the preparation for his concert tour, judging The Voice of China and of course, the arrival of his first born. Seeing that the dates of the last two events would coincide, many were wondering whether the father-to-be would put his role as judge on hold. To that, Jay smilingly said, “Being a fan and loyal follower of The voice, My wife wishes that I carry out my duty as judge on stage. But since our baby is coming, it’s better for her to watch the show at home (rather than catch it at the studio).”

The voice of China season 4
(L-R: Harlem Yu, Na Ying, Wang Feng, Jay Chou)

In the upcoming season 4 of The Voice, Jay Chou will be joining other judges such as Na Ying (那英), Wang Feng (汪峰) and Harlem Yu (庾澄庆). Chou said he has already made plans for his student to receive training at the US Broadway to hone his or her singing, dancing and acting skills. Being such a force to reckon with, who could blame the three other judges for viewing Jay as a threat? No wonder the trio joked that they would be joining forces against Jay Chou when the time comes.

With so much at stake, the Voice of China season 4 looks set to be a really exciting competition!

Voice of China season 4
Na Ying has been judge in all past 3 seasons of The Voice of China