Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan: Will they reveal baby’s gender?

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Hannah Quinlivan at Dr. Wu event
Photo credit: on.cc

Making her first public appearance at an event in Taipei since news of her pregnancy was announced, the blissfully married Quinlivan said she wants to keep the gender of her baby a secret.

Addressing the media, she said, “The doctor probably knows the baby’s gender, but we want it to be a surprise for us, as well for you.” She added that she doesn’t mind having a boy or girl and simply wishes for a healthy child.

Interestingly, Quinlivan hinted that the couple is not going to stop at one. “Whether we are having a boy or girl this time, we can ‘work on’ having a different gender baby the next time round,” she said.

So what’s life like for the couple since Quinlivan discovered she was expecting? To that, the happy mother-to-be said Chou has been very attentive. Not only does he play the guitar for the baby, he also personally cooks for her. Fried noodles and soups are just some of the things Chou has whipped up in the kitchen. And no matter how late it is, he never lets his wife go hungry, stating he would take her out for meals.

Now, we all know Jay Chou is a good singer and song composer but cook too? How lucky is Mrs Chou!

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Source: on.cc