Is Jay Chou commanding ‘sky high’ salary as The Voice of China 4 judge?

After news broke that superstar Jay Chou (周杰伦accepted the offer to be judge on The 4 (中国好声音 4), the question on everyone’s mind is how much he’s being paid for the part.

Before this announcement, Heavenly Kings Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung were rumoured to be offered the highest salaries for the role, at RMB30M (S$6.3M) and RMB40M respectively, although they did not take up the offer eventually. While the actual fees for Jay Chou is a heavily guarded secret, publicity director of the show Lu Wei (陆伟) told ifeng that Chou’s salary is not ‘sky high’. After all, the most rewarding aspects of being judge is not the monetary rewards but the opportunity for the singers to share their professional knowledge and be a part of the high quality production, says Lu.

High profile judges in past seasons of The Voice of include A-mei Zhang Huimei (张惠妹), Na Ying (那英) and Harlem Yu Chengqing (庾澄庆). Both A-Mei and Na Ying were reportedly paid RMB15M  each for their involvement.

Even before disclosing who the other 3 judges are for the upcoming season 4, netizens are already speculating that they would have a stressful time judging alongside Chou. It’s anyone’s guess that all attention will be on Chou, including that of the contestants who will likely be clamouring for Chou’s mentorship. Lu says a judge can only take on a limited number of protege and that contestants should choose their mentor according to their singing style.

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