Watch: Kacy Catanzaro’s amazing feat on American Ninja Warrior

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Kacy Catanzaro competing at American Ninja Warrior

24-year-old Kacy Catanzaro is much more than just a pretty face.

She just became the first woman to finish the course and qualify for the final of the American Ninja Warrior, and whoa, did she do it in style.

The former Gymnast of the Year from Towson University pushed past every single obstacle with relative ease – the same course that most men cannot even dream of clearing. The gruelling obstacles was a severe test for her upper body strength, but Catanzaro’s feat was made even more impressive by the fact that she comes in at just 1.52m-tall, which put her at a significant disadvantage in clearing the obstacles.

She will next compete in the American Ninja Warrior final in Las Vegas.

Check out the much talked about video below.