Leehom releases new album after 4 years

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Leehom Your Love

Hearthrobe singer-songwriter Wang Leehom is releasing a new album on 23 January.

His upcoming ‘Your Love’ (你的愛) album comes after a 4-year gap from his previous, 18 Martial Arts (十八般武藝).

Three of the 13 songs in the upcoming album have already been released in stages starting September last year, including ‘Lose Myself’ (忘我), ‘Cracked Heart’ (裂心) and most recently ‘Now Is the Time’ (就是現在).  Lose Myself is a co-production with Swedish EDM DJ, Avicii, while Cracked Heart is a soothing ballad.

Now is the Time — our favourite of the three —  is a pop rap composed and written by Leehom himself and showcases the talented musician’s rapping skills and wide vocal range. We love the catchy tune of the song but think the high notes will be challenging for for any karaoke king or queen thinking of tackling the song.

Announcing the impending release of his album in a Facebook post last December, a rather tired and unshaven Leehom was seen holding up a hard disk and saying that all his four years of hard work is saved in it. The rare sight reminds us that not every moment of an artiste’s life is glamourous and that a lot of hard work is involved. Kudos on the good work Leehom!

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