Light, music and art at Singapore Night Festival 2015

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SPARK! by World Beaters Music

The annual Singapore Night Festival opened on Friday, 21 August 2015 in the Bras Basah-Bugis area with a spectacular line-up of light art installations, international acts and roving street performances.

Held annually at the city centre of Singapore, this is the eighth edition of the festival organised by the National Museum of Singapore. More than 100 programmes from both local and international acts will be featured over two weekends, 21 & 22 August and 28 & 29 August from 7pm to 2am.

“The Singapore Night Festival has become one of the region’s most anticipated events. This year in particular, we are excited to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with the rest of the nation,” said Festival Director, Ms Angelita Teo.

We caught the several performances on the first night of the festival, like the fiery performance Alchemy by Starlight Alchemy and Spark! by World Beaters Music. We loved the rousing drumming performance by the five LED-lit drummers from the United Kingdom. Their upbeat performance while roaming all over the city centre kept everyone merry during the night. While some shows are only available for the first weekend, here are some other performances you can still catch:

1. The Anooki Celebrate Singapore by David Passegand & Moetu Batlle (France)

Where: National Museum of Singapore, Façade
The Anooki Celebrate Singapore is a light performance specially commissioned for the festival. Watch the 7 minutes performance of the world’s smallest Inuits, the Anooki come alive and run riot over the facade of the National Museum.

2. Hanami by Cie Mastoc Production (France)

Where: Armenian Church
This light installation is inspired by Hanami, the Japanese tradition of celebrating the beauty of cherry blossoms during Spring. Stroll down a path dotted with miniature cherry trees adorned with shimmering chandeliers that create a sparkling constellation of lights.


3. The Garden of Fire and Light by Starlight Alchemy (Singapore)

Where: Singapore Art Museum, Front Lawn
Although you won’t be able to catch the Alchemy segment of the festival by local group Starlight Alchemy, three fire and light art installations from that performance will remain for viewing throughout the Night Festival. Titled the Net, the Helix and the Garden, these are Starlight Alchemy first-ever installations and signal the group’s departure from the ephemeral medium of performance to that of visual art.

4. Garden of Angels by Theater Tol (Belgium)

Where: National Museum of Singapore, Front Lawn
Inspired by the paintings of Marc Chagall, Theater Tol’s latest performance merges the realms of nature, people and fantasy into one. A parade of dancers, musicians, dancing flowers and animals with begin at Armenian Street before coming together at the National Museum of Singapore, with a spectacular aerial performance by dancers, singers and angels.

Video: Highlights from the Singapore Night Festival 2015

There are also a series of workshops and activities for members of the public to meet the artists behind this year’s festival and understand more about their inspiration and creative processes for their artwork and performances.

Admission to Singapore Night Festival 2015 is free except for some ticketed events. Visit for more information.

Garden of Angels by Theater Tol
Garden of Angels by Theater Tol