Movie Review: Big Hero 6 (Health Care Worker Edition)

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Big Hero 6
6 makes the gang.

What’s it about

Based on a very obscure Marvel Comics property, Big Hero 6 is a story between a boy and his robot. *drifts away to thoughts of The Iron Giant* 14 year old Hiro Hamada is a child prodigy, content with doing just about nothing with his life after graduating high school. His brother, Tadashi, motivates his brother by bringing him to his lab, where he and his friends, Honey Lemon, GoGo, Wasabi and Fred, show off their various innovations, including Baymax, Tadashi’s health care assistance robot. Inspired by the environment, Hiro is eager to impress the head of the program, Professor Callaghan. At the school’s annual exhibition, Hiro shows off what he has been working on, his microbots, and gets accepted into the school. However, through a tragic turn of events, an explosion at the exhibition results in the death of the Prof and Tadashi. Hiro lapses into depression but is piqued into action when he and Baymax discovers a man in a kabuki mask with all of Hiro’s microbots, which were thought to have been destroyed. Forming a link between the microbots and the death of his brother, Hiro and his friends suit up to find out the truth.

The Awesome

It’s Alive!: San Fransokyo is a fantastic amalgamation of San Francisco and Tokyo, where technology is a mix of the futuristic and old meets new functionality. Bright, colourful and filled with all sorts of people, San Fransokyo… unlike many fictional cities, actually feels alive!

Past, Meet Present: Beginning with 2011’s Tangled, Disney has reinvigorated their character designs. Through a process that combines hand drawn animation with modern methods, Disney has seemingly meshed the best of the big eyed anime look with their rather timeless and signature style. It’s just very, very pleasant to look at.

Superheroes, Disney Style: The superhero world is really crowded right now. However, Big Hero 6 brings a rather Disney like touch to the proceedings. It’s charming, optimistic, hopeful and compassionate… even when the material could have gone down a much darker path.

Respecting The Audience: For a Disney flick, there is a remarkable amount of death involved in the story. Hiro’s battle against grief isn’t the most obvious story choice for a kid’s movie but when combined with Hiro’s transition into puberty, makes for a very interesting scenario. The filmmakers don’t dumb it down either and that offers something for both young and older audiences.

Band of Characters: Besides the striking designs, their personalities are pretty memorable too. There’s the enigmatic GoGo, the quirky Honey Lemon, the slightly neurotic Wasabi, the slacker Fred and even the Hamadas’ Aunt Cass is hilariously verbose. The interactions between them make for great entertainment value.

Baymax: And of course, the break out star, Baymax. Big Hero 6 is very much in the vein of Disney’s other superheroes movies, loud, action-packed and constantly hilarious. A lot of the laughs is provided by Baymax’s deadpan quips to Hiro’s instructions. The too literal hugable vinyl robot doesn’t just become Hiro’s awesome karate chopping companion, he also serves as the catalyst to bring Hiro out of his post-loss stagnation. Between Baymax and Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy, Disney are going to sell a whole bunch of toys this Christmas.

Verdict: 4.5/5

While it doesn’t do anything too out of the norm for the crowded superhero genre, Big Hero 6 is gorgeous, big-hearted and always entertaining. It’s a crowd pleaser for both kids and parents alike.


To watch or not to watch…

Definitely Watch If…

Avoid This If…

  • You’re not sick of superhero movies yet.
  • The theme song is done by Fall Out Boy. Music snobs be warned.
  • You like cute stuff, like Baymax.
  • You are a naturally negative person.
  • You dig Disney.
  •  You irrationally worship “The Incredibles” and are hoping for a better film than that. Close but not quite.