10 worst movies of 2015 and why you should still watch them

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From The Avengers (1998) and Battlefield Earth (2000) to The Last Airbender (2010) and Jack and Jill (2011), it seems like making bad movies year after year is part of the Hollywood tradition. While the aforementioned are some of the worst movies mankind has ever seen (you should really watch The Avengers from yesteryear, if you have not), there is something oddly entertaining about bad movies. You can watch them on a plane, or while playing games on your smartphone because they require so little effort to ‘enjoy’.

Here’s our list of the worst movies made this year. Note: we are not suggesting that you watch them in the last few days of the year but do catch them if you are looking for some mindless entertainment.

Ted 2

Ever since his feature debut, director Seth MacFarlane has pretty much lost his thunder. If showing up in person didn’t do him any favours in “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, voicing over as a stuffed Peter Griffin (Family Guy) in “Ted 2” wasn’t going to save his career.

The movie was so full of homophobic and racist remarks that even the likeable cast of Mark Wahlberg, Morgan Freeman, Amanda Seyfried and the lot of celebrity cameos was not enough to make up for the scatological jokes and moments.

Fantastic Four (2015)

After a successful directorial debut “Chronicle”, Josh Trank’s reboot of the 2015 Fantastic Four was a major flop. A strong set of young actors comprising of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell was not able to resuscitate the plot. The movie was heavily criticised for its character designs, special effects and slow pace. The studio’s involvement and last minute changes to the production didn’t help either.

Messy, uninspired and outright confusing, the franchise was another dark spot in the golden age of superhero movies. Maybe it’s time for Fox to return the rights of Fantastic Four to Marvel.

Terminator: Genisys

While there are franchises that will always have a special place in pop culture, few are able to evolve and find new and creative ways to stay relevant. The “Terminator” series was exemplary in this aspect. And the final instalment (we hope it’s the final) of the series managed to destroy whatever good the Terminator had built so far. It’s time to say ‘Hasta la vista baby’ to this franchise.


Pan on this list might come as a bit of a shocker for most but you have to agreed that the movie didn’t turn out too well. From start to end, the movie never seemed to truly come together. Although it did not suffer the same production problems like “Fantastic Four”, thanks to the stewardship of Joe Wright, the admirable cast consisting of a hammed up Hugh Jackman, a recognisable backstory and an impressive production were not enough to save the story from being uncoordinated. Having said that, Pan is one of the least “bad” movies on this list.

Jupiter Ascending

From Rotten Tomatoes to Entertainment Weekly, Jupiter Ascending drew a lot of flak from critics. Most criticism cenetred around the incoherence of the film’s screenplay and its over-reliance on special effects. But all was not lost as the film still managed to attract an enthusiastic following of female sci-fi fans who adored Mila Kunis’ portrayal of the Jupiter Jones, a character that was unhappy with her job and life.

The Cobbler

Admittedly “The Cobbler” was a slight step up from Adam Sandler’s recent string of razzie-worthy comedies. But unfortunately, “The Cobbler” is shoehorned with cloying sentimentality that failed to provide the much needed dash of magical fascination. We were heartbroken to see a capable cast (other than Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi also starred in the movie) coupled with an equally solid, director Thomas McCarthy, go down due to a weak plot and characters.


“There surely won’t be a film in 2015 worse than this art-heist romp, starring Johnny Depp”, says Robbie Collin from The Telegraph. And he is not wrong. The film was a box office bomb, and received overwhelmingly negative reviews. While Depp managed to impress with his performance in this year’s “Black Mass”, Mortdecai would forever haunt him as the worst movie he has ever starred in.

But since we love Depp’s Jack Sparrow so much, we are going to pretend that “Mortdecai” never really happened. Fat hope.

Monsters: The Dark Continent

While the original Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters” was a hit indie alien movie that required no more than an innovative concept and a shoestring budget, the same can’t be said of the sequel. The sequel was directed by Tom Green who seemed to prefer blood and gore with guns blazing and simple characterisations. This in effect killed the subtle appeal that its predecessor possessed.

Add to this the weight of shallow political undertone, the real threat seemed to come from humans rather than monsters. Keep this movie in the dark continent (wherever it is) we say.


A science-fiction thriller (or non-thriller) starring Bruce Willis, “Vice” is a movie about a futuristic resort where human-looking androids fulfill their perverted clients’ twisted desires. Think rape and murder. While the concept of an escape resort to vent your frustrations is interesting, “Vice” feels like a jigsaw of several sci-fi movies poorly stitched together.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Mall Cop 2 is a typical run-of-the-mill comedy from Kevin James, only more predictable. James might have tried everything – slamming into objects, contortions and Segway accidents – to salvage the movie’s predictable slapstick humour, but it was just not funny at all. Even Scary Movie was better.