How is it possible that Jackie Chan is still alive after all these insane stunts

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Kung Fu Yoga and Jackie Chan
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Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has already reached the age of 62 and yet, he shows no sign of slowing down. Although he isn’t as agile as he used to be, Jackie is still passionate about making and releasing action movies.

This Chinese New Year, Jackie is back with another action-comedy blockbuster titled “Kung Fu Yoga”. The fearless superstar recently generated a lot of buzz on Chinese social media driving a car with a real lion reportedly owned by a royal family from Dubai in teh backseat of the car.

Before you catch “Kung Fu Yoga” in the cinemas during the holiday break, check out these insane stunts that’s performed by the man himself throughout his illustrious career that we have collated for you.

1. Clock tower fall in “Project A” (1983)

In “Project A”, Jackie Chan paid homage to Harold Lloyd’s legendary clock tower used in the scene of 1923’s “Safety Last!” by plummeting down from the clock face to the ground. The iconic scene was shown twice in the movie to intensify his painful fall that sees his body break through two cloth awnings before his twisted body landed on the ground. Ouch.

2. The incredible car chase in “Police Story” (1985)

“Police Story” is highly regarded as a landmark action movie in Hong Kong cinema that boasts some of the most insanely-choreographed stunts ever witnessed on screen. During the first 15 minutes of the movie, Jackie drove a car down a steep hillside and crashing through a town on the way down, clung at the side of the speeding double-decker bus with just an umbrella.

3. The shopping mall pole slide in “Police Story” (1985)

In the final 20 minutes of “Police Story”, Jackie single-handedly defeated the villains in a shopping mall and risked his life by sliding down a light bulb covered pole. The electrifying scene was performed using real light bulbs. As a result, he suffered multiple injuries including second-degree burns, back pain and dislocation of his pelvis.

4. Stealth jumping scene in “Police Story 2” (1988)

Now, if you are tailing somebody, how do you get across the street without being spotted? Jackie Chan shows you how to do it the hard way in “Police Story 2”. In demonstrate this, he leaps over the ledge and landed atop a moving container truck before jumping over the top of a passing double-decker bus, dodging two large signboards along the way before he finally crashing through a giant Lee Kum Kee glass signboard.

5. Motorcycle chase in “Armour Of God II: Operation Condor” (1991)

With a budget of HK$115 million, “Armour Of God II: Operation Condor” was the most expensive Hong Kong movie back in 1991. Jackie being Jackie, came up with some of his most incredible stunts ever choreographed in his career. The most memorable stunt among the many had to be the motorcycle chase through the streets of Madrid where he rode his bike over a van, rammed through a painting and performed acrobatic stunts. Towards the end of the chase, Jackie did an stunning flip using the bars at the ceiling of a warehouse as a car flew towards him. The scene ended with Jackie riding his bike off a pier before he leaping and grabbing hold of the cargo net hanging from a crane.

6. Rope ladder and helicopter scene in “Police Story 3: Supercop” (1992)

Although “Police Story 3: Supercop” had not reached the same creative standard set by the original Police Story in 1985, there is one death-defying stunt worth mentioning here. During the finale in Kuala Lumpur, Jackie is seen hanging on a rope ladder dangled beneath a moving helicopter. The scene was done without a stunt double and a safety net.

7. The snowboard chase in “Police Story 4: First Strike” (1996)

“Police Story 4” is the movie that propelled Jackie Chan to international stardom. One of the most spectacular stunts in the movie is the snowboard chase scene where Jackie is being pursued by a group of terrorists. The adrenaline-pumping scene sees Chan leaping over the edge of a cliff and grabbing hold of a helicopter’s landing skid.

8. Free-falling slide on the side of a skyscraper in “Who Am I?” (1998)

What do you do if you are trapped on a rooftop with the bad guys approaching? Well, if you are Jackie Chan you may decide to jump off a building and free-fall to safety. In “Who Am I”, Chan slid down the side of Willemswerf building in Rotterdam without harness and a safety net. And just so you know, fearless Jackie reportedly took two weeks to convince himself before he finally making up his mind to attempt the dangerous stunt. We would have taken a lifetime and still not do it.

“Kung Fu Yoga” opens in cinemas nationwide on 26 January 2017.