Here’s your must-watch movie list for January 2017

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Best movies January 2017, The Wasted Times
The Wasted Times stars Zhang Ziyi

January is often considered the “leftover movies” month that sees studios dumping out movies they want to get over and done with. But not this year. 2017 is already shaping up to be another good year for movie buffs with these notheworty releases filling up the January slots.

Check out our list of must-watch movies for the month of January 2017.


After getting aquainted during an assassination mission, French-Canadian spy Max Vatan and agent Marianne Beausejour fell in love and got married soon after. But in life, things are hardly so smooth sailing as Max soon finds out that his wife could be a double agent spy for the Nazis. Based on a true story, the movie stars charismatic Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in this romatic spy thriller.

Release Date: 5 January

The Wasted Times

Set in the Sino-Chinese war period, “The Wasted Times” depicts events that happened in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the Philippines between 1934 and 1945. The drama centres around a ruthless gangster, Lu, his Japanese brother-in-law, Watabe, and an actress, Xiao Liu. A potential Golden Horse contender, “The Wasted Times” has a cast of heavy hitters like You Ge, Zhang Ziyi and Tadanobu Asano.

Release Date: 5 January

Patriots Day

Based on the bombing of the Boston Marathon in 2013 that killed 3 people and injuring hundreds, “Patriots Day” follows the events of that fateful day and the state-wide manhunt for the perpetrators. Following the successful depiction of the oil rig disaster in 2016 with “Deepwater Horizon”, the Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg combo are back with another impactful re-enactment of another recent tragedy that haunted many. Taking only 8 months to film, “Patriots Day” more than make up for its smaller scale location set with a strong cast of Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, J.K. Simmons, and Michelle Monaghan and moving soundtrack provided by musical duo Trent Razor and Atticus Ross.

Release Date: 12 January


A team of elite is assembled to come up with a response when mysterious curved alien crafts are spooted around the world. Linguist professor Louise Banks is tasked with making first contact with aliens inside their ship to find out if these extra-terrestrials come in peace. Although this is director Denis Villeneuve’s first foray into the sci-fi genre, don’t expect him to be playing to the tunes and tropes of the cliche plot of making contact with aliens. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are supported by Forest Whitaker in this adapted short story by Ted Chiang.

Release Date: 12 January

Live By Night

Joe Caughlin is the prodigal son of a Boston police captain who moves to Ybor City, in Tampa, Florida during the Prohibition. From a bootlegger, Joe slowly rises to the top of the criminal world to become one of the most notorious gangsters of Florida. After taking down corrupted officials in “The Accountant”, Ben Affleck switches gear to play the baddie in the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s “Live By Night”.

Release Date: 12 January

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

Extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage is called back to perform a mission after his self-imposed exile to recover a dangerous weapon called the Pandora’s Box. He recruits a team of thrill-seekers for the mission, Xander finds himself entangled in a web of deadly conspiracy of corruption among world leaders. The movie stars Donnie Yen as villian Xiang, Samuel L. Jackson as Xander’s handler and Deepika Padukone, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose and Toni Collette as his team of thrill-seekers.

Release Date: 19 January

Kung Fu Yoga

When a key to the lost treasures of Magadha was stolen, it is up to Jack (Jackie Chan) renowned professor of archaeology at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an and young Indian professor Ashmita and her assistant Kyra to locate it from the rebel army leader before being auctioned off in Dubai. Directed by Stanley Tong, the movie takes you on an adventure through India, Tibet and China. The Indian-Chinese production also features Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani as Jackie’s beautiful sidekicks.

Release Date: 26 January