Ilo Ilo actress Yeo Yann Yann reluctant to do Singapore’s first sex comedy Rubbers (套)

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Winner of the best supporting actress at the 50th Golden Horse Awards, Yeo Yann Yann of ‘Ilo Ilo’ fame recently confessed that she was apprehensive at first to accept the role of Baoling in the locally-produced R21 sex comedy, Rubbers (套), a first in strait-laced Singapore.

“In the beginning I really didn’t want to do it,” the Malaysian-born actress said in a press conference for Rubbers (套).

“But he came to Malaysia to look for me, and even brought the camera crew with him” Yeo continued, referring to the movie’s writer-director Han Yew Kwang. “He filmed a short segment that very same day to be used as pitch material. That was just about three months after I gave birth to my daughter and I needed to rest!”.

The movie comprises of three stories Balloons 老套,The Plumber 圈套 and Nightmare 套牢
The movie comprises of three stories Balloons 老套,The Plumber 圈套 and Nightmare 套牢
Baoling seducing Thor (Julian Hee)
Baoling (Yeo Yann Yann)  seducing Thor (Julian Hee), her plumber

Director Han was curious whether Yeo would have accepted the role more readily if she knew she was going to win at the  Golden Horse Awards. To that, Yeo’s reply was “it’s very hard to say, how am I to face my kids when they grow up? But I am professional”.

The movie comprises of three stories; Balloons 老套The Plumber 圈套 and Nightmare 套牢. All the tales revolve around how condoms are used in the pursuit of love, seduction and punishment. Yeo’s character, Baoling, is a 40-year-old solitary woman with a imaginary condom friend named Durian. Baoling’s attempt to seduce her plumber, Thor, played by Singapore actor Julian Hee is one of the three storylines connected by the central theme of condoms.

Rubbers (套) is ‘coming’ to Singapore cinemas on 30 April 2015.