Nicholas Tse’s popular food travelogue “Chef Nic” to be made into a movie

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Nicholas Tse with Vicki Zhao on Chef Nic
Nicholas Tse with Vicki Zhao on Chef Nic

It seems like anything subject can be turned into a movie in China these days. From old detective stories to popular reality shows like Running Man, movie directors and producers are constantly cashing in on latest consumer trends for the big screen. And the latest one getting the love is Nicholas Tse’s popular food travelogue show “Chef Nic”.

For those not familiar with the show, Chef Nic is an infotainment travelogue and a cooking series that pairs Nicholas Tse with guest celebrities to hunt for delicious and unique food. Tse will also display his skills in the kitchen, whipping out impressive dishes like mango seared cod and pork stew in red wine.

As reported on CRI News, Nic’s management company and co-producer of the show, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), stated that they will be producing the big screen adaptation of the popular food travelogue in 4D. The movie will be shot by director Raymond Yip.

Starring Tse as well as other stars like Ge You, Tang Yan, and Korean singer Jung Yong-hwa, the movie tells the story of a local chef in Guangzhou city who has to compete with a celebrity chef from France for the coveted Global Top Chef title.

The movie will start filming in April 2016 and is set to be released in cinemas by next January.