Will “Lady of the Dynasty” capture the hearts of “The Empress of China” fans?

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Runaway success TV drama series “The Empress of China” (武媚娘传奇),  may be coming to an end but fans of Chinese period productions can look forward to a new movie, also starring Fan Bingbing (范冰冰).

“Lady of the Dynasty” (王朝的女人杨贵妃), a Chinese epic romance war film directed by Shi Qing, will be released on 30 July. Besides Fan Bingbing (as Yang Guifei), viewers can look forward to a strong cast including Leon Lai (黎明), Joan Chen (陈冲), (吴尊), Ning Jing (宁静) and Steve Boergadine, in the upcoming movie. Fan played the role of Wu Zetian (武则天) in “The Empress of China”.

“Lady of the Dynasty” is about the life of concubine Yang Guifei 杨贵妃, her struggles and love affair with Emperor Xuan Zhong (played by Leon Lai) during the Tang Dynasty.

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In the meantime, “The Empress of China” TV series, which is airing in Hong Kong at the moment, has reached dizzying heights. Dubbed specially in Cantonese for the market, the TV series has received record viewership of over 2 million as the drama is drawing to an end, according to on.cc.

It’s too early to tell whether “Lady of the Dynasty” will enjoy the wild success of “The Empress of China” but judging from the movie trailer and promotional stills, it has its fair share of racy costumes and skin baring scenes. But in all likelihood, the revealing costumes will pass the censorship since it’s a movie, rather than a TV series.

Check out some of the movie stills from “Lady of the Dynasty” below:

yang guifei movieyang guifei movieyang guifei movieyang guifei movie