Notorious G.E.M. dropped from I Am A Singer gig

G.E.M 邓紫棋

Popular Hong Kong singer G.E.M 邓紫棋 who insisted on going against the producers on her song choice for a special episode of I Am A Singer (我是歌手双年巅峰会) was recently criticised for lack of respect for the show, the same show that helped her gained popularity and fans in season 2. Not only was she dropped from the show, rumours of her notorious attitude towards staff during her stint in I Am A Singer 2 were also spreading like wildfire on Chinese social media Weibo. There were also rumours of HunanTV – the official TV station for the show – cancelling all future interviews, programmes and music slots featuring G.E.M..

It all started from a Weibo message from Hong Tao, the show director. In the message, he said “if you insist on not changing your song, we will change you!” G.E.M.’s comeback was that it was too last minute a change and she would rather not appear in the show than to lower her artistic standards. Regarding HunanTV issuing a ban order for everything G.E.M., she had also sought clarifications from show director Hong who dissed the rumour as a mere hoax.

Although this was not the first time G.E.M. was criticised for her diva queen behaviour, a seemingly remorseful G.E.M. hoped to be given more time to reflect on all the bad press about her and her band. “I only want to focus on making music. I hope you (fans) can give me more time to perfect it”, she said with tears welling, in a recently interview.

G.E.M 邓紫棋 in I Am A Singer 2

Without G.E.M., the format of the special episode featured 12 instead of the previously planned 10 performers. Aska Yang, Huang Qishan from Season 1 and Gary Chaw, Zhang Jie are all part of the lineup.

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