5 tricky conditions of The Voice Singapore/ Malaysia you may have missed

The Voice Singapore/ Malaysia

By now, you would probably have heard about the outcry surrounding The Voice Singapore/ Malaysia. In order to qualify for the competition, the participant must be fluent in Mandarin. The requirement has sparked off a firestorm with unhappy netizens taking to social media to complain about the controversial condition, with some calling it discriminatory. In case you’re keen to participate in the competition and wonder what other requirements/ conditions are in store, we combed The Voice Singapore/ Malaysia website and picked out what we thought are some other tricky conditions of the competition. Check to see if you qualify for all.

  1. Thinking of buddying up with a friend to take part? Sure, just be aware that there’s no promise that both of you will be chosen together.
  2. If you decide to drop out of the competition without a valid reason or do so without consent from the show’s producer, there will be a penalty! (gasp)
  3. You need to be at least 16 years old to participate. If you’re under 18 years old, you’ll need your parents/ legal guardian’s consent.
  4. You must attend the second audition in “mid June of 2017”. Now, we can’t quite put our finger to when the exact date is. Could be June 15 or 16 June or even the week before or after those dates, couldn’t it? So if you’ve decided to take part, make sure you put your life, we meant, calendar, on hold in the month of June
  5. Finally, you’ll have to be able to perform songs in Mandarin.

If you’re cool with the 5 conditions and can’t wait to showcase your talent to the world, submit a clip of your singing of no more than 90 seconds here before 31 May 2017.